CRIMINAL MINDS “There’s No Place Like Home” Review

CRIMINAL MINDS “There’s No Place Like Home” Season 7 Episode 7 – Depending on whether you’re an optimist or a pessimist, Criminal Mindsc is an intriguing show when it comes to developing characters. Weeks can go by without a much more than a word about any of the character’s home lives or personal conflicts. Then suddenly we get stormed with Rossi’s ex wife returned to seek a mercy killing from her husband and, in this week’s episode, JJ’s personal crisis comes to a simmer when her hectic work overpowers her family life in the face of a potential crisis.

Since I’m an optimist (I really am…at least on weekdays) I choose to latch on to these moments, rare as they come, and appreciate the hell out of them. It’s like that old joke about being stuck in a desert and finding a cracker and thinking it’s the greatest thing you’ve ever tasted simply because you’re severely low in carbohydrates, or something. I kinda forget how the rest of that goes.

Oh yes, JJ. You know, AJ Cook is a really good actress and I wish the writers would give her more material. Actually, I wish the writers would give the entire cast more material, and not more “It looks like this unsub got dichotomised” but actual emotional arcs. I’m sure those tears in Cook’s eyes were as much a result from her happiness of finally getting to act as they were her character’s distraught over neglecting her son when he needed her most. This cast is really really good. And when the producers stop trying to fuck with them and switch them about the place and when the writers give their characters the basic story ingredient of conflict, the cast shines.

The case of the week featured some religious undertones (this week less than last week). Both of the unsubs were men who killed other young men in an attempt to get closer to some higher power. The unsub this week was a young man trying to pull a Prometheus and make a carnal representation of his brother, who died in a tornado whilst fighting the brother’s acquitted molester (my description of the plot sounds convoluted, but the show handled it much better). I’m delighted that Criminal Minds has dispensed with its usual roster of pretty white young women-at least for now-and this episode was one of the better ones of the season.

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