CHARLIE’S ANGELS “Royal Angels” Review

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CHARLIE’S ANGELS “Royal Angels” Season 1 Episode 7 – Correct me if I am wrong, but wasn’t Charlie’s Angels cancelled, like, a few weeks ago? Regardless of this fact, the show is still going on and in this week’s episode, “Royal Angels,” the girls track down the assassin of a small, African nation who is gunned down at his son’s basketball practice.

Apparently in addition to his hacker skills, Bosley tears up the court as a coach/bodyguard to the young prince who will never get to be drafted by the NBA as his father’s death makes him the next king. I would say that’s a bummer, but it’s really more like being stuck between a diamond and a palace. We should all be so burdened.

Greed proves to be the deadliest of the seven sins in this case, as the assassination was carried out in order to force the royal family into signing over mining rights to a rich white dude when lithium was discovered in their tiny nation. If Occupy Wall Street doesn’t take down the 1%, maybe we should sit back and let the Angels do it. They’re better dressed and they can kick the ass of any cop who tries to shoot them with a rubber bullet.

The only scene I really got into was when the assassins managed to breach the Townsend Agency’s defenses. The lair of the Angels is their safe zone; to see Bosley having to defend it was kind of engaging. Kind of. It only lasted for a minute or two. It was interesting to note that the Angels have a panic room, but they have to run up the stairs to get to it. Insert slasher fic joke here.

On a personal note, Kate was forced to work with the Miami PD and her former flame, but just when she thought she might go for it again with him, she found out that he’s already moved on to another detective on the force. Good thing she still has the Angels.

I know I said this last week, but it seems like this might be the last episode of Charlie’s Angels, and if it is, I bid them a heart-felt “Adios, amigas!

What did you think of the episode? Like me, are you craving a real Cuban sandwich, the kind you can only get in either Cuba or Florida? Let me know below!