AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL “Nikos Papadopoulos” Review

AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL (ANTM) Cycle 17 Episode 8 Game (3)

AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL “Nikos Papadopoulos” Cycle 17 Episode 9 – The girls are headed to Greece which thanks to the rioting and bankruptcy turned out to be a rather convenient and beautiful place for Top Model to land on. The challenge is to get off the plane and say a few words in Greece. Allison wins by virtue of not embarassing either herself or the United States of America or women all over the world. She wins a bracelet, which is kinda shit.

The models get to design their own dress, which is basically just a lot of filler. However the photoshoot is Top Model ridiculous as the girls pose in underwear in a giant salad bowl. Shannon, being genuine and her usual married prissy self refuses to pose in what is basically a swimsuit. She refuses to do it because she trusts that at the end of the day she’ll have the respect of others by not selling out. Now she can join to group of guys who did not sell out. Who are those guys? Oh…well…

Allison likens getting into the bowl to stepping into a pile of organs. So while Shannon refuses to get into a bikini, Allison can’t open her eyes and Laura is suffering from some ailment.

Allison spikes the ire of the other girls by pulling off a good photo with her eyes closed.

The best photo goes to Dominique while runner up is Allison. Ooh…those set jaws are brilliant! Angelie and Lisa are called up next and it’s Laura and Shannon in the bottom two.

Laura goes through and Shannon goes home. Before going home, Tyra twists the knife proving, once again, that you DO NOT REFUSE TO DO A CHALLENGE TYRA SETS.

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