AMERICAN HORROR STORY “Piggy, Piggy” Episode 6 – In the world of AMERICAN HORROR STORY, “Piggy, Piggy” wasn’t as strange as the series has been in the past. Instead of mysterious men dressed in vinyl fetish suits, this week we get to see a little slice into Tate’s past.

In what was probably the highest tension opening scene of American Horror Story, “Piggy, Piggy” starts with Tate’s high school, taking us back to 1994. It’s normal day, kids are studying in the library, the goth girl is (of course) looking through an old dusty book with a strange occult symbol on the cover, the “nerd” is busy at the computer. When through the silence several “pops” are heard. We know this is Tate shooting up the place, but as a character they have no idea what’s going on until another student comes tearing into the library explaining the situation.

No one seems to know who Tate actually is, not that it overly matters WHO the shooter is especially when they’ve found a way through your barricade. Tate hunts down the group of kids from last week’s episode one by one and ruthlessly shoots them where they stand. It was a hard scene to watch, and had me squirming on my couch.

Back in present day: Viv has kicked Ben out after he admitted to his affair with Hayden. Ben, however, still needs a place to see his patients and since there is no money left for the family, he has to continue to use the house much to Vivien’s displeasure. This particular patient that Ben is seeing is afraid of urban legends. Bloody Mary, Hookman, as Ben puts it “all of those children’s ghost stories”. I was all excited that somehow these legends were going to actually showcase into American Horror Story, but sadly I was wrong.

Instead, the patient reveals that he can’t look in a mirror because of the “pig man”, a butcher that supposedly appears after saying a particular phrase in the mirror and butchers the unfortunate soul that summoned him. Did I mention he’s wearing a pig head? And snorts? Yeah, THAT was pretty creepy. Ben ends up helping the guy take control of his fears, and the patient is not killed by the pig man. Yay, Ben!!

Viven is still concerned about the baby and tries to track down the nurse that passed out when she saw the ultrasound. She’s also taken to eating raw brain, and other disgusting things at Constance’s suggestion. Apparently these foods are supposed to help the baby and Constance, along with Moira, REALLY want this baby to be healthy.

How do we think this baby is going to play into the overall plot of American Horror Story? I’m like 99% sure that it belongs to the fetish guy, but WHO is this mysterious man? And what exactly is wrong with the baby that is causing it to grow so quickly? When is Vivien going to discover that she’s actually talking to ghosts and carrying the baby of one?

“Piggy, Piggy” wasn’t overly spooky or off the wall, but I did enjoy Tate’s back story. It makes sense that he’s now stuck in the house after being killed there, and it was heartbreaking (but needed) to see Constance trying to protect her son from the police. I’m curious to know what Violet’s purpose in this crazy ghost filled household! Obviously Tate cares about her a lot, but can ghosts and the living mix? Too many questions!

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