PARENTHOOD “In Between” Review

PARENTHOOD “In Between” Season 3 Episode 8 – It’s really really really really really really hard for Parenthood to turn out a bad episode. There are just so many facets to this show that are interesting and there are so many great character arcs and the acting is so good that even if the episode is subpar or dull, you’re guaranteed enough good moments to make up for any flabbiness.

That’s how I felt about this episode, as Adam and Kristina try to rekindle their love life in a cringey subplot, or as Crosby trying to assert his dominance as Jabbar’s father while Doctor Joe showed him Harry Potter and tried to bring him to his first football game or when that girl from White Collar showed up wearing a very boobalicious top. Despite having all of these things crammed into an episode, you still have Mae Whitman putting Emmy voters to shame for not nominating her and Sarah and Seth getting together in a plot which has been visible from Mars but was still really well handled in that way Parenthood can subvert clichés and make them inevitable instead of predictable.

So it ended up being a ridiculously emotional episode. You put Mae Whitman and John Corbett into a room and the emotion is going to be claustrophobic. This episode was no exception. Has there been anything more cathartic in the past year of television than Bob Dylan-y music playing while Amber opens the package of all of the years of birthday cards her father never gave her? No? I thought not. It was just a gem of a scene, and those two scenes, hand in hand, of her telling her father he has to go for the sake of her mom and her finding the cards for herself and Drew on the table are among two of the best scenes Parenthood has ever done.

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