RINGER “Maybe We Should Get A Dog Instead” Review

RINGER Maybe We Should Get a Dog Instead Episode 8 (4)

RINGER “Maybe We Should Get A Dog Instead” Episode 8 – I gotta say, I was pretty nervous for Bridget during RINGER last week. I can’t imagine that laying in a hospital bed waiting for the first ultrasound of your unborn baby (with your husband standing by) when you’re actually NOT pregnant is an easy thing to do. Add that her husband is all excited about the new kid, and that, my Ringer friends, is a recipe for disaster.

Thankfully for Bridget, the doctor is completely okay with just laying it out there that she had somehow miscarried the baby. Seriously, was it just me or did that doctor have the worst bedside manner EVER? Since Bridget’s non-pregnancy was one of the main points that I had an issue with on Ringer since its beginning, I have to say that I am sort of happy that story line is over. Now Bridget can concentrate on keeping her fake marriage to her twin sister’s husband alive and well… what is this show?!

While Juliet has been sort of a bit player in this series, I really liked seeing her actually caring about Bridget/Shiobhan’s feelings about the miscarriage. It was sweet to see her and Bridget sort of connect, and what a great line (and title for the episode) “maybe we should get a dog instead…” What teenager hasn’t felt like that when finding out their mother (or in this case step mother) was pregnant? Especially if you’re a little rich girl and only child with a trust fund.

I do enjoy Juliet’s side story with her English teacher. While it is WILDLY inappropriate, it makes for an interesting plot twist, and yet another thing that Bridget will have to deal with. More drama makes for much better episodes of Ringer!

Between everything that Bridget and Juliet have to figure out, adding Malcolm to the mix just throws in another wrench. Malcolm is using again, and when he and Bridget finally meet she doesn’t notice the obvious signs, and just hands over a wad of cash which right away goes into his arm. I’m still not sure exactly what Malcolm was doing in New York other than adding another issue to Bridget’s already full plate; however Malcolm is a good friend and doesn’t spill the beans about Bridget posing as Shiobhan – even when Agent Machado has Bridget wired during a conversation with Malcolm. With some quick thinking and a well hidden note in a menu (that waiter was really understanding to let her do that, by the way), Bridget is able to warn Malcolm that the FBI is listening in on their conversation.

She then heads over to a business dinner with Andrew where we find that Shiobhan’s French fling, Tyler, is also waiting at the table. Apparently he works for Andrew’s company and is being promoted to… some impressive title having to do with Europe. Obviously Tyler thinks Bridget is his French lover and doesn’t take too kindly to the news. After dinner he calls the real Shiobhan who is fast asleep in Paris, and tells her to pack her bags – her hotel stay on his company has quickly come to an end.

There were no answered questions in this week’s episode of Ringer, only more issues left unattended. Malcolm is now staying with Charlie, Bridget’s new sponsor. Charlie, as we know, is actually working for Shiobhan, and to wrap everything up in a nice neat little bow Shiobhan just happens to want Malcolm dead. So Bridget has pretty much gift wrapped Malcolm for Charlie. We’ll see what happens there.

The most interesting part of Ringer this week were the previews for the next episode when it looks like we’ll actually have some action and maybe even answers to questions. Is Gemma really dead? It appears this way, and based on Charlie’s retelling of the story and his “the Gemma situation got out of hand” comment to Shiobhan, it would appear that Bridget’s new BFF is no longer. Is this really the last that Bridget has seen of Henry? If he loves her as much as he says he does, even with no promise of a baby, I think that he will make another appearance… probably to confess his undying love. (Where are his and Gemma’s kids, by the way?)

Ringer still has potential (and Sarah Michelle Gellar) which is why I haven’t given up hope on it totally. I think that once the story starts clicking into place, The CW will have a great drama on their hands; we just need some answers and soon!

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