HOUSE “The Confession” Review

HOUSE “The Confession” Season 8 Episode 5 – The song is back, everybody! Massive Attack’s iconic theme song has returned, and with it a new opening sequence that showcases the new names on the cast. Hooray, it feels like House is back for good!

The opening scene for “The Confession” starts by introducing us to our guest star for the week, played by Capt. Lee Adama himself Jamie Bamber. As a huge Battlestar Galactica fan, I was thrilled to see Bamber back on American TV! He did a great job this week as the local town hero and family man who had a heart attack while banging a beauty queen in a seedy motel. As far as characters go, it wasn’t too far of a stretch for Bamber to be playing a crappy husband. Just ask Dualla.

All right, that’s enough geeking out for now. It was a bit too predictable that some form of romance would be budding between Chase and Adams so soon. It’s like there’s an unwritten decree that all eligible and attractive members of a TV drama must be romantically involved at one point, but it’s a bit disappointing that it’s already started. When we last saw Chase in the previous season, he was a bit of a misogynistic player who would be with a different woman every night, and I thought that was perfect for his character. It’s hard to tell after just this one episode if that lifestyle is completely behind him, so I guess we’ll wait and see.

Romance or not, Chase was actually the one to have the “House moment” this week, when he figured out that the magnitude of the confessions was being caused by the disease. I felt a bit disappointed that the diagnosis was related to the patients behavior, as that seems to be the case so many times on this show.

This was an overall good episode of House. As much as I’ve enjoyed Park and Adams in the last couple episodes, Chase and Taub fit right back in. I think that Foreman being out of the picture really lightens the mood in the diagnostics room. I feel like Chase and Taub have come off very mopey and whiney most of last season, but I didn’t get any of that here. The controversy concerning the legitimacy of Taub’s children was a fun ongoing gag, as House and Wilson tried getting his DNA from objects he was interacting with. I was glad that this ended with Taub shredding the evidence, as we’ll probably find out later in the season if he’s the father or not.

The final reveal of the episode was a funny, albeit confusing one. I’m not sure why House needed a door from his diagnostics office to Wilson’s office, but it sure wasn’t what I was expecting. I had no idea their offices were so close together! I’m interested to see how this new dynamic works on the show. More Wilson is always a good thing!

Random Thoughts:

– Jamie Bamber’s American accent has really gotten a lot better since Battlestar Gallactica. There were many times in the first couple seasons of BSG where his accent was so spotty it was distracting.

– There’s been all kinds of BSG alum all over the TV landscape recently. Edward James Olmos is on Dexter, Bamber is guesting on House, and Helfer was recently cast in the so-bad-it-sounds-awesome Scent of the Missing on TNT about a crime fighting dog. Man I hope I get to review that show.

– How long until we get an episode poking fun at this whole Conrad Murray debacle?