AMERICAN DAD “A Ward Show” Review

AMERICAN DAD “A Ward Show” Season 7, Episode 3 – Considering that Roger is my favorite American Dad character, it’s probably no coincidence that my favorite American Dad episodes happen to heavily feature Roger’s costumed shenanigans.

Maybe it’s the fandom speaking when I say that Roger’s parenting in tonight’s episode of American Dad was deserving of a guardian-of-the-year award – should such an award exist. Granted, the assassination of Steve’s bully teachers was probably overkill, and sure, maybe he shouldn’t have micromanaged Steve into insanity, but Roger had Steve’s best interests at heart. Probably.

Or probably not. His intentions don’t really matter because Roger as a doting helicopter parent might be one of my favorite alternate Roger personas that’s popped up recently. I loved seeing Roger in the classroom yelling at Principal Lewis because he didn’t seem to appreciate that “Steven’s a genius!!!” or screaming “my baby!!!” as he cradled a bruised Steve on the kitchen floor.

Steve had been managing Principal Lewis’ finances and as a result, the two had developed an unhealthy friendship. As usual, Principal Lewis quickly went from zany to insane, only this time he was planning to take Steve with him to his death at the bottom of the Grand Canyon.

Principal Lewis is one of my least favorite American Dad characters and while I can understand why many people think he is absolutely hilarious, I generally can’t stand him for more than a few quick gags. This episode featured a heavy dose of crazy Principal Lewis and like clockwork, he was getting on my nerves about midway through. Thankfully his character actually mellowed out a little bit towards the end, and I didn’t leave the episode hating him.

While Roger was working to raise a teenage boy on his own, Stan and Francine had been enjoying their dream childless vacation at a water park. They quickly became bored with the water park and spent the rest of their time trying to figure out how to get their money back or how to spice things up.

Their last attempt to mix some sexy excitement into a boring water slide vacation ended in a horrifying, bloody accident with the two of them in wheelchairs wearing diapers. Should the two of them ever have an opportunity for a child-free vacation again, I don’t think they’ll be visiting a water park.

Roger is not likely to have the desire to be a father again soon, but I loved seeing him in that overprotective, overbearing parental role with Steve who is normally his partner in crime. The two of them were the source of a ton of great lines and little laugh out loud moments and as a result I thoroughly enjoyed tonight’s episode of American Dad.