ALLEN GREGORY “1 Night in Gottlieb” Review

ALLEN GREGORY “1 Night in Gottlieb” Season 1, Episode 2 – Although I mostly enjoyed last week’s pilot episode of Allen Gregory, tonight’s episode took a tumble as I was overwhelmed with how truly mean spirited most of the characters on this show are. If a character isn’t a jerk, then the character is probably the victim of a jerk and I’m not particularly interested in watching a half hour comedy about bullies and being bullied.

After Allen Gregory found out that Joel, his class rival, had publicly exchanged bracelets with his girlfriend, Allen Gregory began scheming a plot to one-up Joel in a duel of commitment. The scheme that Allen Gregory came up with involved spreading rumors about his own alleged sex tape with Principal Gottleib as proof of their relationship status. Despite the kids at Feldstien Elementary being totally clueless about what a sex tape is, they take the bait and before long Joel is playing into Allen Gregory‘s game.

Counselor Sidney Lampis, who happened to be Principal Gottlieb’s common law husband, was also sucked into Allen Gregory‘s sex tape shenanigans. He is so threatened by Allen Gregory that he’s driven to the brink of madness as he tries to determine if Principal Gottlieb could actually be in love with Allen Gregory.

Initially, I liked Counselor Lampis and I was looking forward to another character that could not only see through Allen Gregory‘s crap, but who might be well equipped to outsmart him in his mind games. Unfortunately, Counselor Lampis went from a promising foil, to another blubbering idiot easily caught in the De Longpre web of manipulation.

Meanwhile, after having met Julie’s school friends, Beth and Val, Richard De Longpre takes it upon himself to hire actors to play Julie’s new friends. Montana and Clay show up at Feldstien Elementary and tell Beth and Val that they’ve been replaced as Julie’s friends because of their drug problem. Without a fuss, Beth and Val believe every word out of Montana and Clay’s mouths and leave Julie alone. Poor Julie – she’s surrounded by idiots and psychopaths.

The obnoxious attitudes of Allen Gregory and his father, Richard, have become so suffocating that very little seems funny at all. At the same time, I’m frustrated by Jeremy, Beth and Val’s casual attitude about being pushed around all the time. At this point, Julie, Mrs. Winthrop and Principal Gottlieb might be the only characters I like.

I don’t know why I’m supposed to care about Allen Gregory at all. They play that sad wah-wah music when Allen Gregory doesn’t get his way or when the other kids pick on him, but instead of feeling bad for him, I’m thrilled that someone is knocking that punk down a peg. Now if they could only get someone to do that for his obnoxious father, I might feel a little better after watching this show.