PRIVATE PRACTICE “If I Hadn’t Forgotton” Review

PRIVATE PRACTICE If I Hadn't Forgotten Season 5 Episode 6

PRIVATE PRACTICE Season 5, Episode 6 “If I Hadn’t Forgotten”- I had just accepted that every Private Practice this season will open with Addison on the shrink’s couch, and just when I’m getting over that bad decision they add singing and creepy face close ups.

The doctor’s of Private Practice have always been a little odd, but having your boyfriend who will not participate in raising your child help pick your sperm downer is very odd. That said, I think fantasy sperm ball will be sweeping the nation’s offices pretty soon.

The flashbacks gave us an interesting insight into Charlotte’s past and drug history, but why do all shows insist on giving the characters in flashbacks terrible, horrible hair? I get that a different hairstyle is an easy way to depict you’re in a different time, but dark brown bangs and ponytail? Being partially responsible for a woman’s death makes Charlotte’s toughness make more sense, and also adds one more painful memory in the Private Practice collective psyche. For those keeping counts they have among them a father killed in front of them, a father figure killed by their mother, two rapes, a mother found after suicide, a friend found after suicide, a violent baby-cutting attack, the near death of a pregnant teenage daughter, and probably some that have yet to emerge.

Pete’s anger at Violet is getting old. I can understand not wanting to be psychologically analyzed by your wife, but that’s just the way she talks, and exploding at her every time she tries to talk is frustrating. I now think they’re going to end it, because there wasn’t really a resolution with the flirty lawyer. Love interests are normally added to start a relation or strengthen the character’s belief in their current relationship, and it doesn’t seem like it’s the latter with Violet and Pete.

Sam’s request Addison list his good qualities while holding her still groggy hand directly after her eggs were harvested seems like a really mean fake-out. It seemed like he was going to offer his very attractive sperm, and coupling the fake-out let down with by the way, I cheated seems particularly harsh.

The parents trying to scam Cooper into giving their kid ADD drugs didn’t come off as remotely sympathetic. Obsessing over their kids college prospects when the kid is still young enough to play with toy cars on the floor of a doctor’s office isn’t healthy for anyone. When the kid overhears Cooper lecturing his mom and dad and slips away with tears in his eye I was sure he was going to hurt himself, and I feel like that’s a huge unanswered question. Maybe he and Cooper’s kid can be friends so we can find out if he’s ok. Cooper’s kid continues to be adorable, his super studious side just adding to his cuteness.

It’s too bad Amelia’s new boy is a drug addict, because he seems rather charming otherwise.” If I Hadn’t Forgotten” made her spiral interesting again now that the stakes have been raised with her lack of job and writing of phony ‘scripts. I’m looking forward to next weeks intervention.

What did you think of the episode? How far will Amelia go with her drug use before she hits bottom?