WHITNEY “Two Broke-Up Guys” Review

WHITNEY “Two Broke-Up Guys” Season 1 Episode 6 – Another week, another episode of Whitney. All right. To be fair, there were some actual funny moments in “Two Broke-Up Guys,” but none of those laughs belonged to the title character. Which isn’t a good thing, people.

After an epic fight over…um…something, Alex and Mark break-up, even going so far as to give each other’s stuff back. The fight takes its toll on both of them and Whitney takes it upon herself to bring the two best friends back together.

The last person who should be giving advice on anything is Whitney, but with a surprising lack of crazy, she manages to repair the bromance. Or they manage to fix it. With Fletch. Guys are so much easier than chicks.

Of course, Alex and Mark making up leaves poor Indian guy out in the cold, being comforted by said chicks with ice cream and sympathy. I think we know who won here.

There were a few great bits including a drunk Alex worming his hand into a pillowcase, thinking it was Whitney’s shirt, enough to make me believe that if Whitney herself could just tone it down, this show might be watchable. Every week, I find more to like about everyone else on the show, but she still grates on my nerves like a…um…like a cheese grater. Argh! She’s making me slowly dumber with her laugh track!

In all seriousness, Whitney and I are stuck together like birds of a feather, so I guess I should start trying to see the positives, instead of focusing on the negatives. Like how we finally learned what Whitney does for a living this week. Apparently, she’s a photographer. See? We’re getting to know each other now. Maybe by the end of the season, we’ll be old friends.

What did you think of the episode? Do you take your wings nuclear? Let me know below!