THE LEAGUE “Bobbum Man” Review

The league bobbum man

THE LEAGUE “Bobbum Man” Season 3 Episode 5- Rafi to the rescue! The League let us hop aboard the Rafi train in their fifth episode of the season. Rafi is the equivalent of the fireplug bench player for an NBA team. You can put him in the game, and he can carry you in short bursts, but he can’t play the whole game. This week, we got just right the dose of Rafi. He jumped in and out, was appropriately absurd, and added something to every scene he was in this week. Rafi’s particular brand of insanity fits well with this often scatterbrained show. Whether you appreciate him or not, you have to acknowledge the fact that the actor is probably ad-libbing most of the Rafi shtick. Great work by him this week.

In addition to figuring out how to use Rafi, it is clear that the writers have decided to hitch their wagons to the Ruxin train. Ruxin has his hands in nearly every storyline. He goes to yoga with Andre, accidentally encourages Rafi to go forward with the Bobbum Man plan, and is attacked by the gang for not understanding his “sarcastic strength.” The writers have definitely made the right choice when they figured out who they should feature on this show. Everybody still has their moments on the show, but Ruxin is the “star” of the show. His effort this week wasn’t as strong as it has been this season, but he was still very good.

While the writers seem to be pushing Ruxin to the forefront, they seem to be making a clear effort to push Pete to the background. As a character, he is definitely the least interesting of the group, but he still has substantial comedic value. I will continue to not understand why they make the hard push for Taco to get his camera time, but there aren’t enough lines left to go around for Pete.

Speaking of Taco, he really is a show unto himself at this point. The MyFace offline social networking effort seemed so out of the place, that the guys attempts to use it throughout the show felt forced and unnecessary. It wasn’t enough to ruin a decent episode, but Taco and MyFace didn’t add anything to it this week.

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