PSYCH “The Amazing Psych Man & Tap-Man, Issue #2” Review

Psych (USA) The Amazing Psych-Man and Tap Man, Issue #2

PSYCH “The Amazing Psych Man & Tap-Man, Issue #2” Season 6 Episode 4 – Na na na na na na na..Psych Man! (sing that to the tune of the 60’s Batman theme song and you’ll know what’s been going through my head ever since I first saw the title to this episode a few days ago).

In this episode, Shaw and Gus are on the trail of a mysterious man in black called the Mantis who appears to be trying to stop a vicious gang of criminals. Shawn doesn’t like it when everyone (including Juliet) becomes enamored with the new hero and when evidence points to the man possibly being a murderer, he does his best to prove it. He and Gus quickly learn that the guy was framed and then work together with the Mantis to stop the evil gang and save the day. Well at least that’s what should have happened. Turns out the hero was really a crook intent on stealing all the money for himself. But luckily Shawn and Gus are there to thwart his devious plans…with a little help from Lassiter and Jules of course.

I’m not a big comic book or super hero person but even I got a huge kick at how much of that stuff they were able to fit into this episode. Knowing how everyone involved with this show are huge geeks, it was a blast watching how much fun they were obviously having with it. Everything from the comic fade-outs to commercial, the new theme song, the spinning newspaper gag and the “Pow!”s and “Zap!”s in the final fight – all of it was hilarious.

My favorite bits..

“How is it that you always make the wrong choice between cool and stupid.” – LOL, I do that a lot myself.

Shawn and Gus managing to have an argument while at a dead run and then continuing it even as they fell, got up, and limped away. Talk about being dedicated.

Shawn using the police sketch artist to get a caricature done. You gotta admit, that was pretty darn smart.

OMG love it! The comic book fade-out and the super hero/comic opening credits. Beyond cool!

The way they got the spinning newspaper effect by using Gus’ Tablet. Brilliant.

Lassiter admitting that he wished he could dish out some vigilante justice of his own sometimes. Suddenly I found myself picturing him in a cape and mask.

Poor Shawn not being able to take credit for solving so many crimes because of his “psychic” advantage. Ha!

Shawn calling Gus’ calendar ‘loony’ instead of ‘lunar’ – easy mistake.

“Dad, can I please..?”
“You’re hired!”

Gus feeling Reynolds’ (aka NKOTB’s Joey McIntyre) shoulder.

Really wanting to hear Juliet’s story after she claimed it contained Mr. T, Crockett and word that rhymes with Mork.

Finding out that Shawn and Gus have a different opinion about Gus acting as a human shield when they are being shot at.

Shawn under the Mantis mask? Wut?? Dun! Dun! Dun!

“You went boneless didn’t you?”

“Dammit! I have a handful of gummy words in that jacket that he probably won’t even eat.”

LOL! Absolutely adored the way they snuck in the lyrics to the theme song. That was awesome.

Shawn realizing that Reynolds had thought Shawn had been hitting on him. Haha, oops.

“Is she pretending to be a bull mastiff?”

Shawn digging himself further and further into a hole with every comment he made about Reynolds’ tattoo.

“The Mantis is padding his resume and possibly his costume.”

“I’ve heard deeper..”
“Wow, really?”

The conversation on the phone dissolving into a “Suck it!” contest between Shawn and the Mantis.

Haha! Another great gag – the spinning Tablet with a movie score playing in the background.

“You must be outta your damn mind!” – I just LOVE it every time Gus says that.

Shawn invoking the human shield when the Mantis walked in.

Shawn and Gus trying to tell the reporter/Mantis they knew who he was, while simultaneously getting their asses kicked.

“Your psychic powers are amazing.”
“Gus we have to help him, he’s a good man.”

Yes! Gus finally got to pull out Tap Man!

Yes! Loving the action accented with the “Pow!”and “Zap!” from the storage containers.

Shawn and Gus arguing over who had the better super hero costume.

Lassie calling Shawn “The Turtle.”

The mini fist-bump after Gus threw the sand to help the Mantis get away.

“I would rather spend the rest of my life at Lilith Fair.” – Oh ouch, he really means it.

The Catch and Tap Man to the rescue!

Wait. Did Gus just say “dagnabbit?” – LOL!

Gus tearing off Shawn’s shirt.

Poor Juliet trying to explain to Reynolds that there was a perfectly logical explanation for Shawn’s actions…before they both spotted Shawn chasing Gus around in a muscle tee.

James and Dule talking Joey McIntyre into doing one pendulum during the Psych-outs. LOL! That was

What did you think of this episode of Psych? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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  • tash

    I loved this episode.  I think it’s my fav for this season so far (even if it kind of contradicted a Season 1 episode).  The credits and the Adam West Batman-esque fight scene were absolutely brilliant.  And definitely a sign of a classic Psych episode is that I was laughing while I read over your favorite bits and replayed the scenes in my head.  

    Loved that Shawn went boneless when he first confronted the Mantis.  I also really liked that Shawn’s superhero costume ended up being a really smart costume to combat the Mantis.  Strike one!

    • Anonymous

      Aw, well I’m glad that my review added to the enjoyment of this episode for you. 

      Yeah I too loved that Shawn’s “stupid” (at least that’s what I thought at first) costume turned out to be totally ingenious. Gotta love Shawn.