PERSON OF INTEREST “Witness” Season 1 Episode 7 – Person of Interest returned this week with a pretty straight forward episode called “Witness”. After a quick snippet of security cam footage that showed a convenience store patron being executed by a hitman, we see that a witness got away. When Carter and Fusco show up, we realize that the witness now being hunted by the Russian mob is actually our PoI, Charlie Burton.

The whole scene where Reese rescued Burton from his apartment suffered from several inconsistencies and leaps in logic for me. First of all, Reese is on top of the adjacent building, and he looks down to see the Russian mob piling out of cars and running up the stairs to get Burton. Somehow, Reese is able to get to the bottom of his building, and then run up Burton’s and get to him before the mob? That was a little bogus. Second, Reese has beaten up tons of gangsters and professional killers, and his iPhone has always remained unscathed. However, he beats up one baddie and shoots a couple more, and his phone gets completely shattered? You should have sprung for the case, Reese! Maybe one like I have that has Mickey Mouse on it!

I feel a little conflicted about Taraji P. Henson’s character lately. On one hand, she’s actually investigating an ongoing case now, which I enjoy. I’ve always preferred serialized stories over the one-off procedural stuff, so I hope she keeps doing this. However, she’s still talking to people about how much she wants to bring Reese to justice. It still just blows my mind whenever she does this. She finds out that Reese rescued Burton from sure death at the hands of the Russian mob, and then she says that Reese is a pain in her ass? Yeah, it must be a real pain that this guy keeps doing good deeds and saving people’s lives. Really stepping on your toes, huh?

The rest of the episode seemed to be just running in place quite a bit. There was a lot of scenes in the apartment complex where we see Burton suffering from his injury and hiding with his student. I think that the intention here was to have a little more of a personal feel to the case, but seeing two guys sitting in a dingy old apartment for fifteen minutes doesn’t really make for engaging television.

The nonsense beginning and somewhat uneventful middle was almost redeemed by a pretty strong ending. Seeing Charlie Burton, who seemed like such a nice guy, turn out to be the bad guy was a pretty great reveal that was handled very well. It really makes you wonder though how many times we’re going to get this misdirection with our person of interest. This has already happened a couple of times on this show, so I hope they don’t run that novelty into the ground.

Even though this episode wasn’t quite as strong as past installments, it’s still really encouraging to see the Elias story going strong. I’m excited to see what happens in future installments, and with CBS officially picking up the option for a full season, it looks like we’ll get to see what happens with this Elias guy pretty soon! As he said, it’s only just begun!

Random Thoughts:

– Maybe I’ve just always been blessed to live in a pretty good neighborhood, but do people really meet in broad daylight and talk casually about killing people and exchanging weapons?

– Was it just a coincidence that Burton’s student was reading Count of Monte Cristo, which just so happens to be the basis for the film that Caviezel starred in? I don’t think so.

– I didn’t know that cocaine was a miracle drug. The guy barely showed any pain the whole rest of the episode after Reese sprinkled some coke on the wound.