AMERICAN HORROR STORY “Halloween Part 2” Review


AMERICAN HORROR STORY “Halloween Part 2” Episode 5 – Well, AMERICAN HORROR STORY is just a cluster of information in this part two of “Halloween”. Since it IS Halloween at the Murder House, the spirits of the dead are free to roam all over without consequences.

Picking up right where we left off last week, Ben is dealing with zombie (actually, she’s technically a ghost) Hayden, Vivien wants him out of the house, Larry is still chasing Violet through the haunted mansion, and Tate is seeing ghosts.

It’s all just too much information for my little brain to process!

Let’s focus on Hayden. She’s insane, and as a ghost, ends up contacting Vivien to have a little chat about Ben. She wants Vivien dead, and wants Ben to suffer… which I don’t really blame her considering that she was murdered with a SHOVEL to her FACE.

Ghost Hayden wants Vivien to ask Ben about Boston, and makes her message VERY clear by writing it in the steam of the bathroom mirror, even though we understood perfectly well what she wanted the FIRST time she told Vivien to “ask him”… but that’s okay. Hayden really wanted her point to come across.

Hayden then goes a little mental and with the help of Larry (who at this point has knocked Ben out and has him hogged tied in the basement) tries to set the house on fire. Stopped by Vivien who manages to calm down a CRAZED Chad, Hayden still attempts to gut her lover’s wife with a shard of glass, after finding out Vivien is pregnant.

With the help of Norma Montgomery who orders Ben to “save the baby”, he’s freed from his bonds and runs to save his wife from Hayden. With me so far? Good.

Then we jump to Violet and Tate. From what I can gather, Tate was a school shooter while he was alive, and now the ghosts of his victims are coming back to haunt him. However, it seems that Tate has no idea of a few things. One, he doesn’t know that he’s dead… or at least doesn’t seem to want to ADMIT that he’s dead. Two, he has no idea what he did when he was alive.

This leads to some awkward questions as his victims appear to him and Violet, and Tate plays off the kids as just high school jerks.

We also find out that Tate is in fact Constance’s son, and during an interlude between Constance and Violet, the older woman tells Violet not to tell Tate about Addy’s death – her son couldn’t handle it, he’s too fragile.

At the end of the episode, all of the spirits of the dead return home and Ben walks out in accordance with Vivien’s wishes.

How long will he be gone? Is American Horror Story pushing their spastic story line too far? Are there far too many things happening in this house? What are your thoughts?

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