6 TV Shows You Should Never Watch During Dinner

6 TV Shows You Never Watch During Dinner

Most of the time, I do not watch TV shows “live” as they air. Instead, I record them. Many times I will catch up on my shows by watching the taped ones while eating a meal. When watching during dinner with my husband, he will let me know when a show is grossing him out. My tolerance for squick seems to be a bit higher, but every once in a while I find myself covering my eyes or looking away too.

This lead to me thinking about these shows, and also as a follow-up on to my article from last week about 5 TV Teams I Would Like to Join, I found myself considering why it was that some teams I love to watch did not make my list. This same squick factor seemed to decide the issue several times.

So, in no particular order, these are the shows I do not recommend you watch when eating dinner, or any other meal for that matter, unless you have a cast iron stomach!


Supernatural - Sam and Brady

As fans of this show know, the boys are regularly covered in blood, entrails, and other bits of exploding or eviscerated bodies. A friend told me about a device used in movies called a “blood cannon” that sprays fake blood all over everything and I assume that TV shows have access to similar technology. All I can say is Supernatural must have more than one, since they seem to need it on a weekly basis, if not several times per episode!

When you add to the gore the fact that people are frequently killed in very violent ways, I personally prefer to watch this show when I am not anywhere near food, and frankly, not alone in the house at night! What are all those noises you near when alone in a house anyway?


FRINGE - Walter and Peter

I read an article about this show where one of the actors was quoted as saying that they have an on set contest going to see who can gross a cast member out the most. I totally believe it! Walter frequently does something that makes me nauseous, like putting his nose really close to something disgusting, or touching it with his finger then tasting it! Bleah.

Add to that the strange and inexplicable manner in which some people die, the bizarre remains, flesh hanging off a body, people embedded in concrete, and yeah, instant indigestion.

House, M.D.

House, M.D. - House and Patient

It is not really a surprise that a medical show would make this list! I do not watch all the medical shows on TV, but this one to me seems pretty extreme sometimes. Since it focuses on the weirdest of the weird, the symptoms can manifest as exploding testicles, and copious amounts of blood, urine and vomit.

The fact that many times what happens is the result of the medicine Dr. House practices makes it all the more creepy for me. Yes, I know he saves lives, but I am glad to not be on the cleaning staff of any hospital where he works. Pity the poor people that must mop up after he and his team come through!


NCIS - Sportelli, Gibbs and Ducky

Any police procedural that deals with autopsies is going to cross the line into “ewww” land. And, NCIS has the medical examiner on the team so we do spend a fair amount of time in autopsy. But, even outside of autopsy, they seem to ramp up the squick – the best example for me is when Tony found an eyeball in his drink in Season 8. We later found out it belonged to an old associate of the team.

Then there is the sheer glee of Ducky and Palmer, as they go about their work, quoting odd historical facts related and unrelated to the body on the table, as they slice, dice and weigh the remains. Even Gibbs refused to take a closer look recently as Ducky invited him nearer.

Being Human (SyFy)

Being Human (SyFy) - Josh, Sally and Aidan

I have not seen enough of the British version to comment on it, but the US version is pretty gory sometimes. Of course, duh, two of the main characters are a vampire and a werewolf, so it is not like I don’t expect it! But, the very first episode starts out with both Josh and Aidan covered in blood, and a dead body to dispose of. That does kind of set the tone for the series, in my opinion.

When we were taken to the vampire den and witnessed the blood letting there, especially during the visit by the elders, the floor ran red. In the confrontation with the elders, the cold blooded decapitations as they sat paralyzed were extremely gruesome.


SANCTUARY "Carentan"
In this show, they frequently end up in the sewers hunting for abnormal. What is it about dark, damp places with dripping water and flickering lights that attract creatures? They walk through water full of who knows what, and watch rats and insects scurry around. You could not pay me enough to go into some of those places!

In addition, the team also tends to get slimed or spewed at when attempting to capture an abnormal to take it back to the Sanctuary.

So, now you know my picks for TV shows to not watch during dinner – do you agree, disagree, or have other suggestions to add to my list? Please let me know in the comments below!