UNFORGETTABLE “Road Block” Review

UNFORGETTABLE “Road Block” Season 1 Episode 7 – Instead of relying on her own memories, Carrie has to help a witness unlock theirs in “Road Block,” this week’s Unforgettable.

When a former druggie turned dedicated single dad is found dead in his apartment with his baby missing, Carrie faces off against an unhelpful social worker and dredges up some painful memories from nine years earlier when her life spiraled out of control and she gave up her badge and her relationship with Al.

As it turns out, the social worker wasn’t being unhelpful as much as she was trying to protect herself and the dead man’s baby from the private security/criminals who she witnessed killing him. Carrie has a medical condition to account for her amazing memory, but it’s her own frustration over not being able to recall her sister’s killer that helps her guide the social worker through recovering her memories of the murder. I just wish that she’d waited until they got to a more secure location than a shack in the woods. Even if Al had the suspect under control, there was no way of knowing for sure if there were more beefcakes with guns running around. Bad cop, Carrie!

Last week, Carrie’s mother identified the man in the sketch of Rachel’s killer as Jonathan, but as Al pointed out, Alice’s memory is the exact opposite of Carrie’s…unreliable at best. Still, when she takes her own advice, relaxes and doesn’t try to force her memories of her sister’s murder, Carrie is finally able to see another piece in the puzzle that will lead her to the mysterious Jonathan.

It was interesting to finally see why Carrie and Al broke up, and to know that it was Carrie who called it quits, not only on him, but on her whole life. She let her sister’s murder consume her every waking moment, but she pushed aside the one man who was trying to keep her anchored in reality.

Now, nine years later, she has new clues and a fresh take on the case that’s always haunted her. Will she lose herself again? Will Al still be there for her if she does. Time will tell.

I found myself getting more into this episode of Unforgettable than I have so far in the show’s run, perhaps because of the flashbacks. The sister’s murder is one of the most interesting things about the show, but if they solve it by the end of the season, where will they go from there?

What did you think of this week’s episode? Are all the TV cops starting to run together or is it just me? Let me know below!

  • Anonymous

    Agreed with you that this week’s episode was way better than previous ones.  I was about to give up on the show and only watched the DVR’d episode because there was nothing better to do.  🙂 

    I am glad that they did show why Carrie and Al had broken up originally, there was some discussion about that in the blog last week I think?  I hope they do solve the sister’s murder in one series, even if it means the show ending I hate it when these storylines drag on forever.

    I liked the social worker, who is she?  Don’t recall seeing her before. 

    Carrie and Al really do belong together, too bad he has a girlfriend.

    Thanks for reviewing.