NEW GIRL “Naked” Review

NEW GIRL “Naked” Season 1 Episode 4 – Why did New Girl, the no 1 new show of the year, go on a three week long hiatus? Maybe the studio thought the show needed a brush up, to be given more flair and funny and it was currently generating. Whatever the case, three weeks passed between the third episode and the fourth episode and the show has improved in a way: it’s running smoother, the actual production values seem more solid, the editing and overall “put-togetherness” of New Girl has vastly improved.

The performances are fine, but the main problem is the lack of chemistry. I’m not sure if it has something to do with the casting or the writing, but there’s just not much sizzle between any of the characters. Jess’ inability to say the word “penis” was surprisingly well-played for a cliché gag – and a tiresome one at that – but it worked with her character, an immature, dorky, elementary school teacher and Zooey Deschanel put a lot of enthusiasm and energy into the kind of gag you’d usually only find on a straight – to – DVD ripoff of Not Another Teen Movie and made it work.

The problem isn’t with Jess. She can be annoying, but Zooey Deschanel oozes charm and even though her kind of character is usually in the supporting role, she’s tolerable as the lead. The problem seems to be with Nick, who for all intents and purposes is probably going to end up being Jess’ “soulmate” despite the fact that they have zero chemistry and Jake Johnson looks about as happy dancing to Jamacan music as a denstist in a lollipop shop.

The main reason to watch this episode wasn’t the whole “I saw you naked” gag, but rather the Schmidt trying to see Nick naked, or Schmidt trying to help Winston get back on track in terms of cultural awareness, which he’s missed out on in the last two years.

There’s some potentially really good stuff in New Girl, and it’s an inoffensive, pleasant comedy. I just wish it was more than that.

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