BODY OF PROOF “Hard Knocks” Review

BODY OF PROOF “Hard Knocks” Season 2 Episode 7 – Body of Proof warped back to 1997 in “Hard Knocks,” when a popular jock was found dead at a rave party. Didn’t know the kiddies still raved, but I guess you learn something new every day.

Finding the cause of death proved to be difficult on this one, but when drugs (too obvious) and asphyxiation were ruled out, Megan discovered a fist shaped bruise on the victim’s nicely sculpted chest and determined that he was punched at the exactly right moment with just enough pressure to stop his heart.

It was a fitting death, considering that his killer was the honor student who’d been tutoring him and that she punched him because he forgot her name after they kissed. Teenagers!

The real meat of this week’s episode was Todd’s announcement that he’d been offered a teaching position at Berkeley and would be moving three thousand miles away with Lacey in tow. Obviously, this didn’t sit well with Megan; repairing her relationship with her daughter would be nearly impossible if the continental US separated them.

But it didn’t seem as if Todd was going to back down. He’d put his career on the back burner during his entire marriage to Megan and it was time for him to come first. He even asked Kate to go with him, although she turned him down…which probably won’t be good for their relationship. Still, in an effort to be a good father, Todd told Lacey that the ultimate decision about whether to move or not would be up to her.

Meanwhile, Megan was growing closer to her FBI agent, but faced with the possibility of losing her daughter, she decided to put things on hold in order to focus on Lacey.

With both of her parents hinging their futures and their happiness on her choice, Lacey finally let them have it and basically told them to grow up. And she did it without throwing a hissy fit. Double bonus! When Megan asks Lacey what would make her happy, she just smiles. I suppose we can take this to mean that Berkeley will be short one law professor, but that smile could have meant anything. Maybe her parents reconciling would make her happy. Or it could have been her own credit card. Kids!

Speaking of, Detective Bud is going to be a daddy. Mull on that one for awhile, friends.

Another average Body of Proof episode, although seeing Dr. Curtis and Ethan breaking it down at the rave scene almost made the whole thing worthwhile for me.

What did you think of this week’s episode? Did Lacey decide to stay? Will Megan dump the FBI dude and realize that Peter is way hotter? Let me know below!