90210 “It’s the Great Masquerade, Naomi Clark” Review

90210 “It’s the Great Masquerade, Naomi Clark” Season 4 Episode 7 – Is anyone else seeing a pattern forming in this season of 90210. I’ll give you a hint: almost every single episode has contained an over-the-top party planned and hosted by one Naomi Clark. This week, it’s a masquerade ball with no masks, but some semi-anonymous, yet public text messaging. Oh, and topless Carnival dancers. Naomi does nothing half-assed.

Either Naomi needs to stop taking Annie’s advice or Annie need to stop thinking like a farm girl from Kansas, because when Naomi takes her suggestion and invites the horrible Holly to help her plan the masquerade, it winds up backfiring on her in more than one way. Her private confessional to Austin is broadcast across the internet and her big finale turns out to be a fire hazard.

Holly might have won the round, but it was Naomi who ended the night in Austin’s arms. Who’s laughing now? Well, not me. I’m actually getting a little tired of this feud. At first I thought it would be fun to see Naomi go up against someone who is just as determined and manipulative as she can be, but now it’s dragged on a bit too long.

Speaking of dragging along, Navid made strides in his attempt to get the dirt on his uncle by pretending to be on board with the whole stolen car ring thing. Unfortunately, in order to protect Silver, he has to push her away, to make her not trust him anymore. Mission accomplished, Navid. Not more Silver for you. And the poor girl had already been betrayed by the politico she’s been working for after she learned that some of her campaign endorsements were scripted. If you can’t trust politicians, who can you trust?!

In other news, Liam went from reluctant sex symbol to proud billboard boy in the space of a single hour. When he can’t pass Austin off as the face that goes with his abs (which have become an international hit), Liam decides there are worse things than getting paid to take off his shirt and getting laid for his efforts. Wise decision. I’m sure he’ll enjoy fame and fortune as much as he thought he would.

Annie’s new boyfriend treats her like a hooker, buying her dresses and ordering her to be available for dinner. This is why no real hookers fall for their johns, no matter what Julia Roberts would have us believe. When the line starts off blurred, it all becomes too complicated too quickly.

Meanwhile, Ivy takes pictures to send to Raj while he’s having that insanely expensive treatment they raised money for in last week’s party, yet she finds herself intrigued by her photography teacher. Probably because he’s not dying. Knowing Ivy, that’s going to eat at her.

And Dixon continues to be addicted to drugs and Adrianna continues to be the only one who cars. I know Annie is busy with the world’s oldest profession, but you’d think she might notice her brother is sweating and fidgety and buying drugs in the middle of a party.

I don’t expect to see the gang actually sitting in their classes, listening to lectures and participating in discussions (this isn’t Gilmore Girls), but would it be too much to ask for one week of 90210 where there isn’t some sort of ridiculously lavish shindig? In comparison, my college life totally sucked.

What did you think of the episode? More shirtless Liam? Are they pushing Adrianna and Liam or Adrianna and Dixon? Let me know below!