NCIS: LOS ANGELES “Honor” Review

NCIS: Los Angeles (CBS) Honor

NCIS: LOS ANGELES “Honor” Season 3 Episode 7 – Tonight’s episode started out apparently about a bigot but ultimately ended up about a couple in love. A former Marine is struggling to stay with his girlfriend after her father does everything in his power to keep them apart. This sends the entire team, including Eric and Nell, out into the field to keep the lovers together.

This whole episode was a lot of fun, with lots of awesome team moments. But I especially enjoyed the final scenes with the whole group working together at the airport. Eric and Nell as security officers were hilarious and I think that Eric was getting more than a little thrill out of being able to boss people around for a little while. Deeks and Kensi, as well as Hetty and Kensi, had me in stitches throughout the entire episode and I was barely able to keep up with all the great lines that were coming out of them all.

Finally there were also some good moments between Callen and Sam. I loved how it didn’t take Callen very long at all to figure out why Sam had been going on a lot of trips and coming in late to work. The coffee and mug conversation was perfect and very demonstrative of their relationship and the fact that they don’t have to say a whole lot in order to have a heart to heart.

My favorite bits..

Callen referring to Deeks little “surfer drawl.”

Actually thinking the exact same thing about Callen and talk radio, before Deeks said it. Sometimes it scares me how often I think like him.

“Well I am a man of mystery.”
“Mystery or misery?”

Callen offering to tell Sam what Deeks said about him being in a revival of CATS. Who else wanted him to actually do it?

“Hetty straight up ganked my whistle.” – Wait? So she killed it? Oops, wrong show. Guess I’ve been watching too much Supernatural again.

“This one make you sing Kumbaya in the car?” – Great, now that song is going to be stuck in my head for the rest of the night.

Kensi’s remark that Deeks giving the creepy-sounding lady CPR was probably the most action he got in high school. Oooh.burn!

Loving the conversation between Sam and Callen about Sam’s new “mug.”

Wondering how many people are now lost because of Sam’s “Thomas Guide” joke.

Whoa! That was one helluva tackle Callen just gave Connor. That looked like it hurt. A lot.

Eric’s little “please” when Sam told him not to lose the guys in the SUV. Ha.

Oh that’s it, I’m SO gonna start calling Malibu “The Bu” from now on.

Hetty waltzing in and giving the team 24 hours to solve the mystery like it was nothing.

Sam whipping out his Japanese language skills.

“Your thesaurus runneth deep, Hetty.”
“And your drawl still runneth over, Mr. Deeks.”

Kensi’s disappointment with the guys for not even mustering up the ‘lots of the fish in the sea’ speech.

“Busy place.”
“People are dying to get in there.”

Giggling a little at Kensi in the maid’s uniform, then laughing my arse off at Deeks in the room service uniform.

“That room is bigger than my house.”
“…and a lot cleaner.” – OMG so many good lines in this ep.

Sam’s speech to Hetty about how SEALs never leave a man behind.

Thinking that Eric was doing a pretty good job playing a security job, and that Nell was doing an awesome job as his boss. Haha!

The look on the guy’s face when Eric snapped his glove. Classic.

Eric asking Callen if he had his phone in flight mode. LOL.

Kensi telling everyone that her contortionist question was most certainly NOT supposed to be answered by Deeks. Gee, I wonder why?

Deeks doing a good job himself at playing the idiot baggage carrier.

The reunion between Collins and Meyuko. Aw.

Deeks’ response to Kensi asking if he didn’t like “happy endings.” LOL!

Callen telling Hetty that he was going to keep looking for his own family before thinking of starting another one. So sweet and yet so sad.

What did you think of this episode of NCIS: Los Angeles? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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  • I agree with a lot of that (not all), but 1 thing gets me: The “coffee”-“mug” convo led me to believe Callen’s earlier guess was wrong.

  • “Sam whipping out his Japanese language skills.”  That was PRICELESS (“You wish I was just a cop!”)

    But you forgot the closing line, Hetty’s “Good night Walter!”  I’m relatively new to watching the show so perhaps “Walter” is known to others, but I was intrigued.

  • Love your review !!!
    My first thing to check on Wed morning b4 I even watch the ep… 🙂

    They’re really writing some great lines this season !!!
    You definitely have the best in your review…

    Additionally I loved Callen’s face when Kensi drops her clothes in the airplane restroom… *gulp* LOL

    Sam and his Japanese skills were so good they brought me and a Japanese friend a “Thank You” tweet from LL Cool J when talking abt it… hihi…

    Probably my fave moment of the ep was this little “Please” by Eric… 😉

    I, too, wonder about the “Thank you, Walter” by Hetty at the end… maybe we’ll figure that out later in the season…

    CU sindee

    • Additionally I loved Callen’s face when Kensi drops her clothes in the airplane restroom… *gulp* LOL


      Longing to see Callen and Kensi disguised as a couple.

      Densi has many fans, but I always preferred Callen & Kensi together. I am – CaKe.

    • Anonymous

      Haha! Those are all great moments too. And that’s so cool about you and your Japanese friend getting a tweet from LL. He’s an awesome guy. 

      Yes I’m wondering about the Walter thing too. For a little while I wondered if there was something I missed. 

  • Anonymous

    What was the ‘thank you Walter’ bit at the end about.  I was very surprised that you didn’t mention it in your review.  I was beginning to think that I must have dreamed it so was glad to see that others mentioned it.

    Did like this episode though and thanks for blogging.

    • Anonymous

      Honestly I thought that I missed something and with my schedule I didn’t have time to go back and try to figure it out so I just didn’t mention it. My bad. Now I feel like such a ninny. But I thought if I said “hey, what was that Walter thing about?” everyone was going to come up here and call me an idiot because they all knew what it was about. 

      I guess I should’ve gone with my gut. Lesson learned. LOL. 

  • steph

    Loved every bit of it!

    I’m not so sure the “good night Walter” had anything to do with Callen. They were talking about having families of their own, so I’m thinking maybe Walter is her dead husband or something?

  • Hmmm, I found Sam and G’s mug conversation a bit troubling especially since the show now wants us to believe after almost three years of never mentioning it that Sam may have a wife. I hope she is an ex otherwise, why would he be discussing being distracted by the new mug? Sam’s personal life doesn’t make any sense.

  • Anonymous

    I have no idea what the “mug and coffee” conversation was about.  At first I was thinking that the “mug” bit was obviously a euphemism for a lady but why would Hetty have gotten Sam distracted with a new coffee maker?  Sorry to be dense but can someone please explain.  Thanks.

  • steph

    @Chris1215tine I’d say Hetty gave him a new assignment (the coffee maker), and that assignment had something to do with a woman (the distracting mug that came with the coffee maker 😉 That’s the only way it makes any sense to me…
    @Shonaille They have mentioned that Sam has kids, but my guess is that they’re from an ex. Because if he had a wife, I agree the “distracting new mug” thing would be very wrong, and he doesn’t seem like the type… Besides, the thought of Sam going home to a wife and kids every night just doesn’t make sense with everything that’s happened on the show.

    • Anonymous

      Yes thanks! That helps me out, too. Sounds like a reasonable explanation to me. 

    • Thanks I was sitting here thinking, oh no character assassination but you must be correct. 

  • Anonymous

    Thank you Steph!

  • julzcat

    good night, Walter.  a poignant reference to her old frienimy…