THE GOOD WIFE “Affairs Of The State” Review

THE GOOD WIFE “Affairs Of The State” Season 3 Episode 6 – This episode was all about Cary Agos, the charming worm from season one who tried to thwart Alicia’s advancement in Lockhart & Gardner, only to find himself shunted aside to the DA’s office where he soon got into the groove of going up against the big firm as the prosecution. Unsurprisingly, he was rather suited to that role. In this episode we see Cary go from cupboard office to cubby office to Cook’s Deputy State’s Attorney’s office. Much of the bustling about was just Brody’s way of fucking with him. But it sure was nice to see Cary open those double doors into his new space.

Far nicer than having Brody mention that Cary’s into ethnic women. I don’t think we’ve ever had Cary in a romantic relationship – a few flirtatious moments with Kalinda, but that’s it as far as I know. I had no idea what to make of that whole yarn other than to comment that I thought it was kind of weird: the show has probably a higher number of non-Caucasians on their acting staff (though only Panjabi features prominently) and it’s like they wanted to draw attention to that fact. Maybe it’s because they’ve done nothing, in the three years, to build up Brody as a character other than to make him someone I dislike, but that moment seemed really false. I can’t really imagine a situation where someone, seeing a woman interacting with a man, would stop her in the corridors of work and inform her that the guy has a sexual preference for women of her ethnicity.

The case this week dealt with diplomatic immunity, a Taiwanese guy accused of rape and murder, a loophole with the State Department, appeasing China, and dropped anthropology classes. Cary kicked ass, mainly because the Taiwanese guy tried to flee the country and didn’t actually buy a mojito, never a sure sign of innocence, but he wasn’t the only one. Alicia’s new assistant Caitlin proved to be quite useful, given her young blood and know how of electronics the kids are down with these days. Plus, she offered some pretty strong hints that she intends to hook up with Will in the future, which…sigh…would be such an awful cliché I’m really hoping that’s not what that penultimate scene meant.

Josh Charles, I’ve mentioned before, has really grown on me. For the first two seasons I did not believe for a second that Alicia would fall for him. But his charm has crept up on me recently and Will Gardner’s appeal has finally clicked. His scene with Zach was so achingly awkward I wanted to close my eyes – in the best possible way.

Parker Posey was so good as Eli’s ex wife. I’m frankly relieved to see her out of the beanie she wore on The Big C. She and Cumming had great chemistry which they managed, in a single scene, to build up into something tangibly awkward and complicated, yet affectionate. Hopefully we’ll see more of her in the future.

It was an entertaining episode of the show. The Good Wife is without a doubt the best procedural on television right now. But sometimes it has a tendency to try to be edgy. When you see something trying to be edgy, it has a remarkable effect of not being edgy.

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