MISFITS “Series 3, Episode 1” Review

MISFITS Season 3 Episode 1 – Misfits is back and without Robert Sheehan, who brought us so much as Nathan that it’ll be tough to replace him. Though, of course, that is exactly what the show sets about doing, in a pretty unique way, as we’ve come to expect from Misfits. His replacement is a fellow called Rudy, a guy whose power is he can split into two different Rudys: one is sincere, emotional, philosophical, insecure, lovely. The other had a plastic vagina in his bedroom.

The opening scene featured a fantastic chase sequence which brought us right back into the mix. The Misfits got rid of their powers, then regretted the decision and got new powers. Now we’re back, pretty much, to square one. They have to learn to deal with their powers. They all rode in a stolen car with Rudy, got caught by the police, and are back serving community time. For a show which features so many unique and wonderfully original slants to the clichéd superhero story, this resetting of the entire series was quite sad. I was really looking forward to seeing the Misfits universe expand. Instead it looks like it might just repeat what it did in the first two seasons, except with a new character and a few new powers.

And outside of hearing the always brilliant Lauren Socha declare “I’m a fuckin’ rocket scientist!” the new powers seem quite unexciting. Curtis turns into a woman. Alicia can see what others see. Simon apparently can predict a few seconds into the potential future. And Kelly is a fuckin’ rocket scientist.

The episode involved a girl with a truly cool power – a Bernard’s watch style freeze time – but she got killed off so her power is gone, which sucks. I would have much preferred to see that than see Kelly draw diagrams of rockets. That seems quite useless.

It was an entertaining episode, but an inauspicious beginning to a series I’ve always loved. Hopefully the writers have got a few tricks up their sleeves.

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