NIKITA “343 Walnut Lane” Review

NIKITA “343 Walnut Lane” Season 2 Episode 6 – Was my cold influencing my judgement or was this a kick ass episode of Nikita? I was expecting Birkoff’s house to be used as headquarters for quite some time, but to have it blow up in episode six was a pretty ballsy move on the part of the writers, who crammed this episode filled with some of the best elements Nikita has to offer.

I’m delighted that Nikita is mobile and not restricted to a computer base, mainly because it makes Division all the more powerful. Every episode Nikita and Michael and Birkoff hid from Division in their log cabin, organizing missions and relaying tactics, the seeming omnipotence of Division was reduced every day they didn’t have a lock on Nikita’s whereabouts.

Last week I mentioned that the writers were trying to force Percy to be a scarier villain than Amanda: this week I have to say they’re no longer trying to force anything. Concocting a plan to dupe Nikita into thinking she’d found her biological father was a bit farfetched, but who gives a crap when the result was as cruel as this? Maggie Q did some of her best work to date in this episode as Nikita was provided a rare chance to get emotional, confiding secrets about the fact that Michael sired a son (I just really wanted to use the word ‘sire’) and ultimately killing him, the man who, for a very brief while, was her father, because he knew too much.

It did not end there: next week we’ll see what happens in the aftermath of learning that he has a son. There are so many spy movies/books/shows about protagonists who grow up without a father or a mother or both, only to find out that their guardian left them to protect them from their evil world. It would be fantastic to see such a heart-wrenching decision from the parent’s point of view, so I’m hoping Michael will ultimately stick around.

On the Alex front, she did not leave Division headquarters for missions, keeping mainly to churches, her apartment and Percy’s lair. Because Percy gave her information which she passed on to Nikita instead of warning Amanda, he warns her that he has her loyalties in the bag – unless she can pass Amanda’s lie detector test. Again, I have no idea how this will play out, but that’s what I love about this show and that’s what I’m loving about this season.

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