The Secret Circle

THE SECRET CIRCLE “Masked” Season 1 Episode 7 – I love how Cassie’s just wandering around her house alone, doors unlocked, right after crazy witch hunters just tried to kill her and her friends. It sums up this week’s episode of The Secret Circle, which was simultaneously the best and the worst so far. The best because it was interesting and fun and had a few surprising turns, the worst because our circle of witches are dumber than a box of rocks.

It’s Halloween, and the circle is preparing to throw a little get-together at Cassie’s house while Jane is away visiting Faye’s grandfather at his lakehouse. (He’s dead, of course, and she finds him and his crystal at the end of the episode, right before being knocked out by someone, presumably Charles Meade, and the crystal being stolen.) Anyway, while the gals deck out Cassie’s house in spooky decorations, Cassie finds a part of the witch hunter’s knife from last week. She shows it to everyone, including Jake and a minor witch, Wilson, from a curiosity shop.

But Jake has threatened to kill Wilson to stop him from revealing any information to Cassie. Which works for all of five minutes. Then Wilson goes to visit Ethan and there’s talk about how Cassie’s father is a bad, bad man (presumably either a witch hunter, a ‘dark’ witch, or both) before he leaves Cassie a letter – and then gets killed by Jake. Now, I should probably include Wilson in my ‘dumber than a box of rocks’ assessment. Firstly, he wasn’t subtle at all. Secondly, he left Cassie a letter sticking out of a mailbox during a party full of drunk kids. In real life a drunk kid would probably have tried to smoke it.

Then the witches are kidnapped and main witch hunter boss guy decides to leave one of his lackeys to kill them. Bad planning. Especially since the unfortunate lackey was Luke, that cute guy who had zero luck trying to get Cassie’s interest, and he ended up dead. The manner of his death was interesting, but I was more surprised by Cassie’s reaction later on.

“I think I did something on my own tonight. I think I stopped one of those witch hunters from killing Diana.” We already ready know that it takes two or more of the circle thinking the same thing to create magic now that the circle is bound. Since all five would have been desperate to stay alive, surely Cassie’s assumption should be that they worked together without words, not that she somehow managed to kill Luke by herself. I mean, she did, but logically she’s missing a step somewhere in her thought process.

And let’s not forget that these hunters were trying to kill witches with a jar of mandrake root, a personal item and blood. Now unlike the iron sulphide ‘science’ (I cannot believe boss guy called it that) these random objects being able to kill can’t be put down to any ‘normal’ worldly phenomena. Surely this should be where Cassie thinks ‘magic!’, no? Which would means a witch’s involvement. Which brings me onto my next point.

“Don’t trust me, huh?” “Not really.” Cassie gets points for having enough sense not to trust Jake. She also loses any respect I had for her as a character by not being more suspicious of him. The witches want to be more knowledgable and less open to attack, and yet when Jake is being as suspicious as it is possible for any one human to be, and he’s not even good at trying to create a cover story, I would expect the circle to be on him like a rash about it. Instead they’re like ‘yeah, alright, see you around, Jake’. Because that’s obviously a good idea. Obviously.

I’m not even going to get into how I’m pretty sure Faye is only supposed to be 16 and yet she makes mention of her and Jake being together and being sexually active and him being an utter ass to her two years ago. Does no one else have an issue with the amount of teenage parents and sexually active kids in this show? I’m young, I know it’s not a major stretch of the imagination, but surely this is going a little too far? What do you think?

I’ll end on a high point. My favourite cheesy dialogue of the episode:

Jake: “Looking for something?”
Cassie: “Just Nick’s MP3 player, for Melissa. You know, their songs, I thought it might help her.”
Jake: “Did you think stabbing it to death would get her the closure she needs?”

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