THE OFFICE “Spooked” Review

THE OFFICE “Spooked” Season 8, Episode 5 – The Halloween episodes of The Office have long been the creative source of many office appropriate Halloween costume ideas. Three-Hole-Punched Jim and Facebook Jim (or “Book-Face” as Darryl interpreted it) have been a guiding light for those less inclined to dress up for the holiday festivities while the rest of the staff plan their office costumes weeks in advance.

As always, Dwight approached his costume as seriously as his job. His costume as Kerrigan, Queen of Blades from Starcraft might be my favorite Dwight costume yet. Aside from being a great geek reference, Dwight looked hilarious in that ridiculous wig, styrofoam bra and green face paint. I loved the montage of clips showing Dwight’s prior year costumes and the weapons that Toby had wrestled away from him, including snapping off Kerrigan’s skeletal wings before Dwight could walk into the building.

Erin, dressed up in a Wendy’s costume, was pathetic and adorable tonight. She’s about as sharp as a marble but she’s so sweet and so desperate to make people happy that I don’t want anyone to be mean to her even if it is unintentional. She’s super sensitive to the tasks that Andy assigns to her, but I don’t think that is simply because she has suppressed feelings for Andy. She eagerly attended to the requests of Michael Scott when he sat in that office, and I think she would have reacted the same way about the fax and the party planning even if it wasn’t Andy who was in charge.

Her reaction to Andy’s “31 dates” girlfriend, however, is another matter. Her reaction betrayed how deep her feelings ran for him and I’m really interested to meet Andy’s pretty serious girlfriend and see how Erin handles things from this point forward. Their love triangle has become a love square and judging by Gabe’s attitude tonight, he’s bound to capitalize on this new development.

When Erin ran up to Gabe asking for his help in making the party more adult, he casually addressed her as “sweetheart” and he promised to make the party sexier than she could ever imagine. As he thought of his “Cinema of the Unsettling” video for the party, he let out this creepy cackle that made me chuckle uncomfortably. Gabe has that weirdo stalker vibe down.

Throughout it all, the brilliantly sociopathic Robert California had been casually mingling among the staff collecting their worst fears to insert into a twisted horror story with a hidden message. His psychological analysis of everyone in The Office stripped away their hopes and brought a quiet tension to every one of his scenes that had me laughing out loud.

I about died when Robert California realized that Erin and Andy’s conversation was about to become personal and said “I should go” only to very deliberately take a seat and watch the show. He admits to never being uncomfortable, so I suppose Creed had hit a nerve when he casually called Robert “Bobby” and made him flinch.

In addition to the plots revolving around Andy, Erin, and Robert California, Pam and Jim had a face-off about the existence of ghosts, while Dwight had a face-off with California’s son, Bert. These little side stories had funny moments, but there was so much already going on in this episode of The Office that it felt less focused than recent episodes have been.

Overall, this was a great addition to the tradition of Halloween themed episodes of The Office and even with Andy’s pre-screening of the costumes, we got some great ideas and a ton of laughs tonight.