PROJECT RUNWAY “Finale Part 2” Review

PROJECT RUNWAY The Finale Part 2 Season 9 Episode 14 (10)

PROJECT RUNWAY “Finale Part 2” Season 9 Episode 14 – Well, PROJECT RUNWAY fans, the ninth season has officially ended. We have a new winner, and new clothes to look forward to! I have to say that thought this entire season, there have been ups, downs, people that were eliminated that shouldn’t have been, and a call that was so close at the end I almost threw up in anticipation.

We saw the remaining designer’s looks last week, and hear the critiques of the judges. In a surprise move, no one was sent packing; instead Viktor, Kimberly, Joshua, and Anya all shoed at Fashion Week. The designers were given $500 to spend at Mood in whatever manner that they wanted to improve on their collection.

Anya was the one that was the riskiest – she actually went into Mood and started buying new fabric for brand new looks with only one day to create them. However, her choice of prints are so purely Anya, and she’s worked with SO much less, that I had no doubt she would be able to pull out several stunning designs. She didn’t disappoint.

Anya’s complete collection was exactly her – Caribbean with a touch of BoHo, and the prints just made the collection complete. In her final judging, all parties involved raved about her style, and how they could actually see real women wearing and using Anya’s product.

Viktor (which you all know is my favorite) showed what felt like two different collections. I’m stealing that line from the judges, but it fits PERFECTLY. Half of his pieces were sheer, sexy, and rocker; while the other half were beautifully structured dresses with tailoring that was second to none. The technique is there, but like Nina and Michael said it just seemed a little disjointed.

I don’t know what the hell happened with Joshua’s collection, and hearing the raving comments from the judges made me seriously consider my sanity and if I should even ATTEMPT to dress fashionably. If Joshua’s clothes are “fashion”, then I don’t want to be a part of them. I cannot think of ONE woman that would want to wear a plastic halter dress, or a skirt made out of wetsuit material. His print was hideous, and the only thing wearable in that collection was his blue draped dress.

However, I’m obviously in the minority with this as the judges LOVED him and raved about how amazing his looks were. Really guys? Really?

Then we have Kimberly. Her collection turned out really surprising. I feel that Kimberly has flown below the radar this entire competition, and she really stepped it up in this finale. Her forte (which it always has been since day one) were the pants that she created. Every time a pair of Kimberly pants walked down the runway I yelled at my TV that I wanted them.

So who went home with “out” status and who was “in” as the winner? Well, in a surprising (at least to me) twist, Kimberly and Viktor were in the bottom two! I couldn’t believe that Viktor wasn’t at least second – I really thought that he was going to win the whole enchilada.

But nope! Instead it was Anya and Joshua standing on that stage. For a good 45 seconds I really thought that Joshua was going to walk away with the winner’s title, and I just couldn’t handle it. Then Heidi announced that Anya was the winner of Project Runway Season 9!

I was so excited for her!! While I have issues with Anya’s technical abilities, you can’t teach taste and design. She’s only been sewing for four months – the technique will come. Her style is already there, and, Anya? I’m ready to wear whatever you want to send over!

Were you happy with this ending of Project Runway? Did you think Joshua should have been crowned the winner over Anya? Let me know in the comments below!

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