PRIVATE PRACTICE Season 5 Episode 5 “Step One” – I have definitely seen women on TV and movies give themselves the shots in their own ass, does Addison really need to bring in Dr.Almost Lover to do it?

I appreciated the fact they kept up with storyline by bringing back Amelia’s friend with Huntingtons, but in all the euthanasia plots on Grey’s and Private Practice, has the patient ever been an incredibly healthy looking woman sitting in a restaurant in a sundress? You can understand the road she’s going down, but psychologically I think it’s a lot easier to get on board with the idea of ending someone’s life who’s writhing in a hospital bed, not out for pizza. Because of her level of mobility, there’s also the question of why she doesn’t just kill herself. Normally in these shows people need a doctors help because they literally can’t get out of bed to get the tools. Amelia’s friend can leave the house. And I know it’s not cross-over season, but at Seattle Grace a patient gets a glass of wine with her cocktail of killer drugs, they can’t hop a plane to her big brothers hospital and make it legit?

It shouldn’t be a mystery why Cooper’s son is a little weirded out be hanging out with him. He’s his doctor insisting he’s not dating his mom, making the impromptu fishing sessions super weird.

The schizophrenic cases are always sad. It’s not a happy ending to offer no concrete solution, no good option for his mom, but it did make it seem more realistic.

They did a good job making Addison seem completely nuts, though Sam’s speech about the potential blessings of childlessness was screaming for a complete meltdown, possibly ending with a scalpel in his leg.

Best line of “Step One,” hands down was Pete asking Sheldon about Amelia, “that’s what you feel like, her father?” Because the question below the surface of the question was, “so answer me this, do you feel like doing your daughter?” Poor Sheldon is love-less, and Amelia could use a stable man in her life. Plus all the hot Sam-Addison sex seems to be ended by her sore butt, Cooper and Charlotte and Violet and Pete are boring and married, and Private Practice needs a steamy new couple for their musical openings.

I was a little confused by how Amelia thought the autopsy of her friend was going to go. Wouldn’t they find the deadly injected drugs and realize it wasn’t an overdose of pills?

The no drinking-no suicide pact Amelia and her friend ultimately make is cute, but it wasn’t exactly a surprise when she found her in the bed. Her happy mood going in was very reminiscent of Addison finding her mother.

I wouldn’t want to be Sam’s kid hearing him give the speech raising her was equally horrible and wonderful. With parenthood, isn’t the good suppose to outweigh the bad?

The moment Amelia takes a handful of pills is the first moment in her downward spiral that really seems dangerous, like her story might not have a happy ending, and I appreciate that sense of tension.

What did you think of tonight’s episode? Is Amelia headed for a complete meltdown?