GREY’S ANATOMY “Put Me In Coach” Review

GREY’S ANATOMY Season 8, Episode 7 “Put Me In Coach” – So Grey’s Anatomy decided to give the docs of Seattle Grace a little sunlight. I know Hunt’s trying to keep a team building exercise going, but it doesn’t seem like it’s a good idea for a chief of medicine to discourage his doctors from checking on their patients.
And it seems we’ve gone from emo Derek to ice cold Derek. Blackmailing the mother of a seizing girl is just not nice manners.

I liked that the sob story of the night, the artists with the pulverized fingers at least gets a moment of individuality when Callie is scared to death by the sudden emergence of his carving tools. I’m not sure if her panic is suppose to be PTSD from the shooting, but shouldn’t she have also been concerned the patient she handed bad news to was going to hurt himself?

Karev apparently hasn’t learned his lesson about meddling. It’s not his fault really, I’m pretty sure they spike the cafeteria food with something that induces meddling. I loved his bribing/ scarring of the woman with the suspicious looking mole, but shouldn’t the threat of skin cancer cut really, really close to home for him?

Good nod to House with Derek’s aha moment via baseball. It’s all about the angle of the head! And I should practice the surgery on a softball!

Lexie’s one step forward two steps back dance with her feelings about Sloan are getting a little stale. Now that the time between her older man lapses are increasing, the jealousy seems more out of place. But I would have a lot of anger to if I was a surgeon and all my colleagues including my boss prefaced my name with little.

Speaking of small gains and big regressions, no matter how much girl power Kepner acquires in the last episode, she’s still a basket case in the ER. I’d like to see a little growth with her character instead of fleeting triumphs.

My god, Kerev is ballsy. Disrupting a guy while he’s getting chemo to talk about Zola? I hope the judge’s call about a federal offense will be a dropped story line, Grey’s Anatomy doesn’t need anymore legal drama this season.

Like the hospital, the softball gain has more making out then one would expect, but it would seem weird any other way. The addition of a flask seemed to make it even authentic.

I could have done without Hunt’s pep talk to his softball tropes,but Lexie getting rid of her demons by pitching the ball right into Sloan’s new girlfriend’s boob was the best way they could have ended a game.

I still felt like the Bailey-Meredith issue hasn’t been resolved even after Richard jumps in and tries to talk some sense into them. I think the ineffectualness was ultimately because Bailey has the exclusive ability to knock sense into doctors and is immune to the attempts of others.

The end with the huddle of drunken happy doctors was a nice way to end, and raises a lot of questions about potential conflicts. As of the conclusion of “Put Me in Coach” Mer/Der, Christina and Owen, Callie and Arizona, as well as Altman and her sickly hubby are all happily married. Who will be passed the torch of anger and betrayal?

Did you enjoy tonight’s episode? Which couple will have problems now?