THE LEAGUE “Ol’ Smoke Crotch” Review

the league ol fire crotch

THE LEAGUE “Ol’ Smoke Crotch” Season 3 Episode 4 – Sorry to keep you waiting, I had to put out a fire in my crotch with a Pee Bib.

When you engage in the type of comedy used frequently by The League, you are going to alternate between hilarious and dumb with very little in between. Last week was an example of the hilarious version. Unfortunately, this week’s edition of The League fell far short of last week’s episode.

I don’t know who wrote this particular episode, but it seems absurd to me that someone in the writers room listened to the Kevin’s graying nether regions and decided that it was a great idea. Somebody had to throw their body in front of that one, right? Apparently not. At the least, you have to give the guys of The League credit for going after it full-force.

This week’s other over-the-top insane plot involved the reintroduction of Rafi. When we last saw Rafi, he and Dirty Randy (played admirably by Seth Rogen) turned Andre’s apartment into their own personal pornographic video staging area. At least this week, the writers seemed to be winking at themselves a little here by having Ruxin bring in Rafi to chase the au pair from the Ruxin household with his craziness. Rafi doing Rafi things always teeters on the edge of being too much to handle when he figures prominently in an episode. He can be fairly amusing in small doses, but when he gets too comfortable in his surroundings, he leaves you shaking your head.

In another unfortunate development, The Jon Lajoie Show was back on again this week. They tried to integrate him into the main storyline by having him discover that Kevin was going gray, but he mostly spent the episode working on the Pee Bib. The Pee Bib is admittedly an interesting idea worth exploring by top scientists, but it didn’t fit with the stories of the rest of the characters. That being said, I doubt Lajoie, or the writers of The League, care. People who watch this show generally tend to enjoy watching Jon Lajoie do Jon Lajoie things. If that’s the case, start your own half-hour comedy show (for the record, I would watch) and stop disjointing an enjoyable comedy. Your on notice, Jon Lajoie.

What did you guys think of this week’s episode? What do you think about the season to this point? Let’s get a little discussion going here or on my Twitter feed.

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