SUPERNATURAL THURSDAYS: 5 Ways Supernatural Has Changed Fans’ Lives

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We all know that Supernatural is an awesome TV show, but it’s more than that. To many fans, including me, it’s something that has had a lasting affect on their lives.

When I first thought of writing this article, I originally planned to do it based only on myself and all the positive ways that this series has changed my life. I didn’t think that there were that many people out there who could say (or would say) that a TV show had changed their lives too, but the more I looked around, the more I realized I was wrong. I started throwing the question out there to my friends as well as people I know from places like Facebook and Twitter and the results were overwhelming! So many people feel that this show has positively influenced their lives that I just had to include a lot more stories than my own.

It has influenced people’s choice in careers

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I am one of those people who is proud to say that this show has changed my life for the good and had a major hand in the career I have today. Just a few years ago I was working a corporate job behind a desk and dreaming of being a writer. Supernatural inspired me to write my first novel and though that one was never published, it was the catalyst for deciding to change careers.

This summer my life came full circle when I was lucky enough to represent Daemon’s TV at Comic Con where I got to interview casts and crews from my favorite shows, including Supernatural. It was truly a dream come true and though I haven’t met anyone else yet who has changed jobs because of the show, I’m sure I can’t be the only one out there.

Photo Credit: Michelle Carlbert

It has helped them to stay healthy

I’ve heard stories of people who have gotten ill or been injured in accidents who watched Supernatural during their recoveries and credit the series with bringing them back to health. In fact I have one friend (known as JamieRose89 to many fans) who deals with an illness on a daily basis and though it’s not always easy for her, she manages to keep her spirits up by watching the series.

I met Jamie at the first Los Angeles Supernatural convention held by Creation Entertainment and I, as well as many others, was very touched by her brave story. In fact word got back to Mr. Kripke who made her an awesome deal that if she kept fighting and stayed well, he would name a character after her on the show. The result was the lovely Jamie in the season 4 episode ‘Monster Movie’.

Photo Credit: Special thanks to JamieRose89 for permission to use her pics from Creation Entertainment’s Salute to Supernatural Convention

It has given them new friends

This is another point that also applies to me. Last year I discovered that I had so many friends that I met because of the series that I had to create our own group on Facebook. I did it just so we wouldn’t be yammering about Supernatural all over my personal page and annoying the rest of my friends and relatives who didn’t watch the show.

It seems like I am constantly picking up new friends because of Supernatural and I know I’m not alone. I hear stories from people all the time about how they have gained friendships because of the series.

Here’s a quote from a fan, JL:

“Where do I begin? I’ve met a lot of people, online and at conventions, some who are now dear friends. So yeah, a couple of ghost hunting brothers have made many improvements in my life!”

Here’s a quote from a fan, Amanda:

“One day I met my best friend at a con because we both really LOVE SUPERNATURAL and that was the reason we went, and we just became best friends over time. I have SUPERNATURAL to thank for that!!!”

Photo Credits: Sara Winchester, JamieRose89, Amanda

It has taught them that it’s okay to be themselves

This is another point that also applies to me. Watching this show and meeting the people that I’ve met has encouraged me to be the person that I always wanted to be. When you walk into the doors of a convention and see people dressed in rock t-shirts, sporting tattoos like the ones that the boys have on the show, there’s no doubt that the show has had an affect on them. I’m always happy when I hear that people not only act and dress like that at a convention, but do it in their real lives, too.

A quote from a fan, JL:

“Before [I found Supernatural], I just didn’t know where I fit in with all my little quirks of liking ghost stories and such”

A quote from a fan, Amanda:

“It helped me get out of my shell ’cause I wanted to talk about it to people, and it gave me my friends today!”

Photo Credits: Brian Rubin, Sara Winchester, JL

It has gotten them through some very tough times in their lives

One fan I know (known as Xenascully to many in the fandom) lost her brother earlier this year. Watching Supernatural was something that the two of them used to do together and it was that connection with the show that helped her get through the very tough days that came after his passing. In fact, there were even times that the show made her smile.

Here is an excerpt of a Thank You letter that Xenascully wrote to the cast of Supernatural:

“I got this notification sound for my cell phone (for whenever I received a text) [of] Dean yelling: ‘Son of a bitch!’ After [my brother’s] passing, I can’t even describe how many times I ended up smiling, despite everything. [It went off once in front of the pastor who] pretended not to notice. [My brother] would’ve thought that was the funniest thing ever. And as many calls, texts, and emails I got that first few weeks, you can imagine how often it eventually lifted everyone’s spirit, even if just a little.”

Photo Credit: Special thanks to Xenascully for permission to use her pic from Creation Entertainment’s Salute to Supernatural Convention.


So there are just a few examples of the way this series has changed some people’s lives for the better. What about you folks? Has Supernatural changed your life? Sound off in the comments below and share your stories! I’d love to hear them.

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