MODERN FAMILY The Complete Second Season DVD Review

Modern Family Season 2 DVD

The second season of MODERN FAMILY is now available on DVD! Amping up the jokes, laughter and awkward moments from the first season, Modern Family came back with a vengence in its second season. The 3 disc DVD set of the second season of Modern Family contains all 24 episodes as well as bonus features found on each disc.

Modern Family is an ABC show that follows three generations of a family. First is Jay, his wife Gloria, and her son Manny. Then we have Jay’s son Mitchell and his partner Cameron, now with a child of their own. Then we have Jay’s daughter, Claire, her husband Phil, and their three children. The second season brought us Phil’s old car and its demise, the very amazing Halloween episode, Haley’s ridiculous boyfriend, the infamous bike shorts, a slightly more active Lily, and quite a few guest stars (Matt Dillon, Shelley Long, and Ricky Gervais, to name a few).

The bonus features found on each disc in this Modern Family DVD include Deleted Family Interviews (the ones where various members speak directly to the camera) and Deleted and Extended Scenes Other features include:

Gag Reel – The gag reel was funny, but there was not enough of it. Unfortunately, they decided to disperse what little they had amongst actual jokes and gags that were on the show. At some point I thought it had given up entirely on any unexpected funnies, but then a slew came through. This feature is just over 8 minutes, but I think the actual outtakes are probably only about 3 minutes.

Mitch’s Flash Mob – Revisiting the infamous flash mob episode with a bit behind-the-scenes. It lasts roughly just 2 minutes.

“Imagine Me Naked” Music Video – Haley’s boyfriend’s imaginary music video which is just as cheesy and awful and fun as his song. Just over 3 minutes long and I was actually surprised that I liked it.

Modern Family Holidays – A look at what goes into making a holiday episode of Modern Family such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and the awesome Halloween. This feature is about 12 minutes long and is a fun look at the thought process into the episodes.

Waiting for Oprah – This feature centers around the cast of Modern Family appearing on the Oprah show. Oprah had cameras follow them around as they were taping and then had them appear on the show via satellite. Oddly enough, Oprah is not shown at all in the feature, however the cast’s and producer’s excitement is palpable. Just over 3 minutes long.

Chatting with Steve Levitan – Steve Levitan is the co-creator and executive producer of Modern Family. He talks about what Modern Family is supposed to represent, how audiences relate to it and his overwhelming fear of disappointing the fan base. It is just over 4 minutes long.

At Home with Modern Family – This feature is a comparison between the houses the families of Modern Family currently occupy and the houses the show was shot in during the pilot. I am not sure I even noticed the changes until they were pointed out to me. Just over 6 minutes long.

“Strangers on a Treadmill” Table Read – By far my favorite feature. It clocks in at about 38 minutes and is a full table read of the episode “Strangers on a Treadmill.” It is done before an audience on stage with Steve Levitan reading direction. They did not rehearse beforehand which is clear when you hear various actors laughing at others’ lines. What was remarkable to me was that they were so natural in their characters for the first go around. I loved it. In fact, I would buy more DVDs if they had a similar feature.

Obviously, based on that last sentence, I would recommend purchasing this DVD. However, I would recommend it even without the table read. Modern Family improved greatly in its second season and it did not even need improvement. The second season was phenomenal and to be able to revisit certain episodes again made my happy.

Modern Family The Complete Second Season on DVD is now available for purchase on Amazon.