UNFORGETTABLE “Friended” Review

UNFORGETTABLE “Friended” Season 1 Episode 6 – Every crime show these days must have at least one episode about celebutantes; this week, Unforgettable gave us their version in the form of “Friended.”

When a famous party girl goes missing (leaving only her Christian Louboutin behind…very Cinderella), Carrie and Al dig into her life and find that in the world of high society, appearances are all that really counts. Didn’t we already know that? Turns out, the party girl was a faker and she got killed by her so-called best friend when that fact came to light.

Honestly, this episode bored me. There was so much texting and gossiping and bitching that at one point I had to actually rewind a bit because I’d nodded off in the middle of the big reveal. That’s not good; usually that only happens during reality shows. I wish I could say why I’m not finding this show compelling, but the truth is, there’s a lot of factors, not the least of which is the fact that from week to week, Carrie can’t decide if her accent is British or Southern.

We did see Carrie’s mother again, as I believe I requested last week. In a non-lucid spell, she unknowingly poured salt in the wounds of Carrie and Al’s broken relationship by forgetting that they weren’t together and talking as if they were still a happy couple. To Al’s credit, he played along, prompting me to wonder, yet again, why Carrie let him go. If she can remember everything about their life together, shouldn’t that make it impossible for her to forget all the good things about him?

But Carrie’s mother’s bad spell also reveals something major in regards to her sister’s murder. When Carrie’s mother sees the sketch of the man Carrie keeps seeing in her dreams, she asks her why she has a picture of Jonathan.

So…the secret to the identity of the man in the woods is locked in the fragmented mind of an Alzheimer’s patient. That’s sort of interesting. If they could keep up that story, I might be much more inclined not to fall asleep in the middle of Unforgettable.

What did you think of the episode? Did you find the murder more interesting than I did? Who do you think Jonathan is? Let me know below!