SURVIVOR: SOUTH PACIFIC “Trojan Horse” Season 23 Episode 7 – Survivor returned this week with another great episode starting with another great challenge. The Redemption Island challenges are really cool as they allow you to play games that are specifically two on two, as most challenges in this show can’t be that way. “Trojan Horse” started with showing us Christine win her fifth duel in a row. Even though I don’t like Christine that much as a person, you have to admire her spirit and durability.

On the way home from the duel, we see Ozzy offer another one of his genius strategical moves. After last week’s temper tantrum and declaration of free agency, he now tells Cochran that he’s willing to get himself voted out on purpose so he can send himself to Redemption and beat Christine. This literally made zero sense to me, and it really just sounds like Ozzy’s ego is dictating his strategy at this point. I don’t think he can handle how well Christine is doing at the challenges, so he’s just trying to insert himself into that situation so he can prove his dominance.

Speaking of dominance, Upolu won another hard-fought challenge to win immunity this week. They also “won” a “reward” of a sneak peek for the new Adam Sandler movie Jack and Jill. I’d probably rather throw myself headlong into the South Pacific sea and drown then ever watch that movie. If I didn’t already like Coach so much, I would forever hold him in contempt for telling me about the powerful message behind this travesty. I was a fan of Adam Sandler too, Coach, but then I turned seven.

Meanwhile, Ozzy was (wait for it….) not happy about losing! After a few running jump-kicks into the challenge walls, he blames Cochran for the challenge of the loss, and everybody else agrees, including Cochran. So what does Ozzy do about all of this animosity towards Cochran? He decides to tell people NOT to vote for Cochran and go for him instead. While this originally sounds like a dumb idea, that’s basically his biggest argument for winning the million if he gets that far. The problem is, this plan is a win-lose-lose-lose. There are far more ways where this can backfire, and only one way where it can work. One thing is for sure now, we’ve definitely been left on a cliffhanger for this next week! I can’t wait to see what happens!

Random Thoughts:

– I bet all of the Survivor editors give themselves high fives when they find out they’re going to have Coach on that season. All of the ways that they play with transitions, camera angles, and music during all of the “Meditation” scenes are really awesome. It’s a nice change of pace from the boilerplate Survivor editing that they’ve been doing for 23 seasons now.

– What is it with the movies they show on Survivor? First is Gulliver’s Travels, one of the worst movies of last year. Now Jack and Jill. I get that Columbia is trying to promote their newest movies, but they have to subject these starving and sleep deprived people to their garbage?

– I’m pretty sure this is the first time we’ve seen that blond girl from Savaii speak.