PSYCH “This Episode Sucks” Review

Psych (USA) This Episode Sucks

PSYCH “This Episode Sucks” Season 6 Episode 3 – This episode was a total trip for me: a trip to my childhood..or at least my early teen years. The original Buffy? One of the Lost Boys? How much cooler can it get? Turns out it got a LOT cooler than that. Not only did we get Shawn and Gus dressed as vampires and many references to one of my favorite cereals as a kid, we also got a little peek at a much softer side of Lassiter.

Seeing a character like Lassie open his heart up to someone was really nice. At first I thought that having Marlowe be the baddie seemed a little too obvious, but I liked how it all worked out eventually. The twist was that it was really her brother who was the bad guy and she was just trying to do what she thought was right for him. Unfortunately that did involve breaking a few laws so now she’s stuck behind bars but I thought it was unbelievably sweet that Lassiter told her he would wait for her. I thought those two made an adorable couple and I find myself hoping that she does make it out of prison so that they can continue their romance. I think Lassiter deserves a little happiness and who knows? Maybe if he’s happy at home, he won’t be half as mean to Shawn and Gus……naaaaah!

My favorite bits..

Starting the show with the Smashing Pumpkins? Oh Psych, you know me so well.

OMG it’s Buffy! No, not Sarah Michelle Gellar….the *original* Buffy!

“She told me not to follow her and I thought she told me not to get pregnant with swine.” – Totally understandable mistake there.

Gus’ nearly uncontrollable excitement when Shawn was getting ready to announce that they were after a vampire.

Wait. Did Lassiter did just say what I think he just said? Excuse me a second.. *faints*

“That’s baloney.”
“You’re baloney.”

Woody offering the small intestine of a rat as a present to Juliet. Aw, now ain’t that…um..sweet?

“Well there goes my night.” – Haha! What a nice subtle, and hilarious, way to reference Shawn and Juliet’s relationship.

Okay those costumes are beyond awesome. Who knew Shawn and Gus could make such…um…interesting vampires?

OMG it’s one of the Lost Boys!

Getting a kick out of the fact that an updated version of ‘Cry Little Sister’ was playing in the bar. That is hands down my favorite song on The Lost Boys soundtrack. Nice touch!

Hahaha! Love the Count Chocula line. Fun fact: I literally had a bowl of that cereal today and no, I’m not kidding. I always buy a box when they put it on sale at Halloween time.

“The only thing it compares to is the rush of jubilation I felt when I heard Chuck Norris speak at an NRA convention.”

Aw, poor Lassiter. He was so close to getting some nookie for a second there.

“No seriously, what was the alibi?”

Shawn tossing in the garlic like it was tear gas or something.

“Wow, you guys are actually devolving.”

Everyone arguing over who exactly the cat was looking at.

“Blackula gives a shout out to Bakula.” – Haha!

Enjoying Shawn’s impersonation of Hans Gruber.

The fact that Lassiter’s idea of romance includes a candle shaped like a grenade.

Oh noes! Lassie watch out!

Lassiter’s anger growing with each new person he figured out was outside his door.

“Contrary to popular opinion, I do not get this kind of action every night!” – well with those garters, I can see why. And just when I was thinking that Lassiter was looking pretty sexy.

Lassiter putting handcuffs on his girlfriend..and not in the good way.

Totally cracking up at the name of the bagel shop before Shawn commented that it was the greatest name for a bagel shop ever.

Gus punching Shawn in the chest before he could get slapped.

Giggling a little at the whole discussion about O neg blood being rare, considering that I actually have the rarest blood type on the planet (bonus points for anyone who can guess what it is).

“Doctor my friend has peed himself.”

Cracking up at Marlowe’s prison get up, especially the bandana.

Oh noes! Watch out Lassiter!

Not being at all surprised to find out that Lassiter has been spending the past 15 years building a tolerance to chloroform.

Gus going down like a ton of bricks after making sure the chloroform was real.

Shawn losing rock, paper, scissors, spider and having to go talk to Lassiter.

Feeling myself actually getting a little emotional when Lassiter held up that note and he and Marlowe touched the glass. Aw, that was so adorable.

What did you think of this episode of Psych? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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