DANCING WITH THE STARS Season 13 Week 6 Result Show Review

DANCING WITH THE STARS Season 13 Episode 11

DANCING WITH THE STARS Season 13 Week 6 Result Show Review – It was just about time.

So the Chazzy got the boot which, if we’re all being truthful here, was too long in coming. The furry little man-girl with the Weebles Wobbles But Never Gets Kicked Out fortune finally reached the end of the line. He was simply bad; the lesser equivalent of this season’s token comedy act—an unfunny, slightly less pitiful version of Saturday Night Live’s It’s Pat! (Apologies to Julia Sweeney.)

The Chazinator lead a charmed life for a while, but the slow creep of inevitability finally caught up to him. Him bawling about Bruno’s backhanded compliments rubbed me the wrong way too. Would you rather he say it behind your back, Chaz? Like you haven’t called yourself fat 80,000 times before. Good riddance.

Oh, there was more to the show, sure; the Chazzy going home was only the best highlight. I also loved how the show almost completely came off the tracks with the Hope and Maks stuff. I love that he basically called out Chaz. We seriously need more Maks.

Kristin Chenoweth performed. And plugged her Broadway show. Enh. Kenny Ortega led Corben Blue and the Macy’s Stars of Dance did a thing. The spinning cage trick was interesting. The rest was… enh.

Martina McBride kind of bores me. Her song was a little low for her register, at least performed live. The dancers were good though. (shocking, on Dancing With The Stars.)

And of course we get the best lines (save for perhaps a few choice Bergeron quips) from the backstage moments:

“You’re not Hitler, you’re not the Third Reich, you’re not Mussolini…” Thank you, Nancy Grace.

“If you don’t dance this Quick-Step well, I’m out of here.” Kym, you lying little minx.

“I want to apologize. I was wrong in one thing. It’s not my show.” Nice apology Maks. (Bergeron’s “Damn, I was going to ask for a raise” crack was even nicer.)

“Your fly’s not down. That’s good.” It was, Lacey.

“Like I’m some fat troll, and I’m sick of it.” But you are, Chaz. And now you’re gone.

Next week on Dancing With The Stars: If the Halloween “preview” was accurate, maybe I should skip next Monday’s show. Ye gods.

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