AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL “Kathy Griffin” Review

AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL “Kathy Griffin” Cycle 17 Episode 7 – In any episode of America’s Next Top Model, you’re going to get a few gems, a few well placed bitchy comments, a couple of nicely cut reaction shots, some good auld loopy observations from one or seven of the many anorexic wannabe models. This episode was packed full of them.

This season is even crazier than past seasons, thanks to Tyra and her ingenious producers’ decision to up the ante by making this season a “Best of the Craziest”. And unlike, say, Hell’s Kitchen where Ramsay and/or his producers were so afraid of cutting Elise because they feared the show would flatline without her, America’s Next Top Model is not afraid to cut some of their more interesting contestants in favour of those with more talent. Therefore we bid Bianca and Kayla farewell in a pretty surprising double elimination which saw Shannon, unexpectedly, dodge the bullet.

There were plenty of moments in the episode which made it one of the best of the cycle. From the ridiculous and frankly terrible photoshoot on the back of the motorcycle, to the contest between the models to see who could name, produce and advertise the best fragrance (my favorite is split between Alexandria’s Diamondatrix and Allison’s Honey Blood). Really, the guys who’ve been working behind the scenes on America’s Next Top Model, from competitions to photoshoots, have a well of imagination so deep Roald Dahl would blanch.

My personal favorite moment was the pickle fiasco. During the reality show photoshoot the contestants learned that Snooki’s favorite food was pickles, so Bianca ordered herself some pickles and when the other girls dared to grab one, she grabbed it right back off them. The funny thing is, in the end, the pickles made no difference at all, hanging in the background of her photo, and she went home.

The guest judge this week was Kathy Griffin, and while I’m delighted she was on so she’ll sure have more material for future stand up shows, I wish there’d been more of her because the small dabs of Griffin judgements we got were pretty priceless.

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