NCIS “Thirst” Review

NCIS (CBS) Thirst

NCIS “Thirst” Season 9 Episode 6 – In this episode the team is after a killer who literally drowns her victims with kindness, giving them ecstasy until they feel they are dying of thirst and letting them drink themselves to death. It’s as diabolical as it is clever and I must say that I never saw the killer coming in this one. I think my jaw is still somewhere on the floor under my couch.

A member of the team getting romantically involved with someone who turns out to be bad is nothing new. Heck I think at this point everyone has been there and done that on this show – well, everyone that is except for Ducky. I mean who would suspect that Ducky and his sweet new lady friend, who are enjoying an equally sweet little romance, would be at all involved in the team’s case?

I felt so bad for Ducky. He told Palmer that he was lonely now that his mother had passed and then the first person he gets involved with turns out to be a psycho? I can’t say I blame him for deciding in the end to not speak to another single lady. No wonder no one on the team (save for Palmer) has had any sort of luck maintaining a relationship for very long. I think maybe they all just need to stick to having each other as family and that’s that. The alternative appears to be much too dangerous.

My favorite bits..

The truck driver asking who he would be on this imaginary date with a starlet.

It is just me or all the episodes starting (after the credits) with Tony these days? I know it was only his feet this time, but still.

Ducky declaring himself the “Sir Galahad of caffeinated beverages.”

“Wait. Back the truck up.” – For a second there I thought Tony said something completely different. LOL. I’m so gonna start using that phrase now.

Suppressing a chicken joke of my own, right along with Tony. Boy it was hard, too.

Gibbs wisely turning down Ducky’s invitation to examine the victim’s brain more closely.

Ziva figuring out exactly why Tony was complimenting the mail girl.

Palmer’s little giggle as Ducky went out to meet his lady.

“It’s the scrubs, they match my eyes.” – Wow, who knew Ducky was such a ladies man?

A killer using water to kill? Okay that’s a new one.

“She nearly caught me helping myself to a kiss.” – Aw, Ducky is positively charming in this episode.

Tony’s grin when Ziva and the bartender started scuffling. I think he was hoping for a full-on girl fight.

“I avoided him like a redneck relative.” – LOL! Great line.

“How could I have fallen so far down the trust ladder?”
“Not a ladder, DiNozzo. More like a stepstool.”

Ducky giving Palmer some great advice.

Tony singing “Ducky’s in love” – Great, now that song is stuck in my head, too.

Tony making another reference to the ‘Boy in the Plastic Bubble’.

A serial killer? Uh oh, things just got creepy.

Ducky choosing not to expose Mary to his foul mood. Aw, I actually found that very sweet. Though I’m not sure how long a couple can survive if they keep everything from each other.

“She was terrific….until the shingles got her.”

Tony’s double take when Gibbs said that the victim’s night (as a player) sounded “familiar.” – Har.

Oh. My. GAWD!!! Okay I did not even come CLOSE to guessing this twist. *picks up jaw off floor*

Tony flinching in anticipation of a headslap when Gibbs walked up behind him to ask about where the victims had gone for counseling.

Wow, it’s amazing how fast Mary has gone from gracious to creepy. *is scared for Ducky*

No, no, no Ducky. You’re not supposed to tell the crazy lady with the scissors that she was wrong. *is more scared for Ducky*

Poor Ducky saying he would never trust his own judgment again and Gibbs telling him he would trust it for him. Aw.

Ducky closing his computer when he saw the message from the new woman. Not that I blame him, but that still made me sad.

What did you think of this episode of NCIS? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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