LAST MAN STANDING “Last Halloween Standing” Review

LAST MAN STANDING “Last Halloween Standing” Season 1 Episode 4 – Everybody’s favorite new comedy returned this week with “Last Halloween Standing”. And of course, by “Everybody’s favorite” I mean “Nobody’s favorite”.

So our Last Man Standing, Tim Allen’s Mike Baxter, is getting ready to celebrate Halloween with his family. And guess what, he’s not comfortable with his daughter or wife wearing revealing costumes! You know why? Because Halloween is not an excuse to dress up like a tramp! Maybe if I haven’t seen this same reaction in a hundred sitcoms before it, it would come off a bit funnier.

That’s definitely a recurring theme on this show: The feeling that we’ve seen this all before. The second that Boyd got into that little skeleton outfit that completely covered his whole body, you could immediately tell that we were in for a little switcheroo. They didn’t do anything new or interesting to make this story line original, it just felt like you were watching a re-run of a sitcom from 20 years ago. If you’re going to just rehash age-old TV tropes, you can at least put a new spin on it to make it feel fresh. A show that does this effortlessly is Modern Family. We see the same goofy sit-com setups on that show, but they give everything a spin that makes it all feel new. Nothing about Last Man Standing feels new.

I could just keep going. Hector Elizondo doing the monster mash dance for absolutely no reason, the stunt casting of Elvira, Tim Allen’s joke of looking at his watch and seeing that it’s still America. Just about everything on this show feels phoned in, lazy, and old. I’m really stretching to find things to like about this show, but having a harder time every week. With a show that has the same star and director/creator from Home Improvement, you’d think the pedigree in place would be enough to at least make a show of average quality. Unfortunately, they tried to transplant the same Home Improvement comedy from 15 years ago and put it in 2011, and it just doesn’t work.

Random Thoughts:

Malcolm in the Middle‘s David Anthony Higgins played Bill, the Baxter’s creepy neighbor. It was good to see him on TV again, since I always liked his character on Malcolm. Craig Feldspar was always pining for Lois, and in this show he was also pining for the attractive mom of the family. I guess if ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

– Did anybody else catch Mike making a comment on the Buzz Lightyear costume, saying that they got the wings wrong? Do you get it? Because Tim Allen played the voice of Buzz Lightyear in the Toy Story movies! That makes the second reference to Buzz in the first four episodes! Wow, the creativity is really firing on all cylinders!

– Is it still racist if the Asian people are making fun of their own stereotypes? Either way, both of these characters just came off as offensive.