HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER “Noretta” Review

HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER “Noretta” Season 7, Episode 7 – It’s not news that all of Ted’s friends on How I Met Your Mother have been in steady relationships for the past couple of episodes, but for some reason there was something about seeing them all crammed into that booth tonight that made me realize that I didn’t like it one bit.

I know it’s kind of irrational, but there are only so many people you can fit comfortably in that booth and I’m not sure I’m ready to let Kevin or Nora take up those precious spaces. Sure there will always be room for temporary booth visitors, but in my mind there’s really one remaining comfortable spot available and it has always been invisibly reserved for Ted’s unknown future wife.

Ok, I’m over-thinking the booth, but maybe I feel this way because I’m still not totally into these two characters. I don’t really understand how Nora is different from the other girls Barney has dated and I don’t see why Barney is head over heels for her. While I think Kevin is funny, his involvement in these story lines often feels like an afterthought and I frequently forget that Robin is dating him. Are they truly full-time booth worthy?

This episode was packed with a ton of fantastic guest appearances and I was particularly thrilled to see Barney’s brother, James, return to the How I Met Your Mother booth. Unfortunately he didn’t stay for long but he’s the one that got the ball rolling about Nora being like their mother. This of course prompted Kevin to explain that it was perfectly normal for couples to end up in relationships with people who shared the characteristics of their parents.

Marshall’s attempts to flatter Lily in her pregnancy-induced slump had him digging himself deeper and deeper into a hole as he tried to tell Lily he thought she was sexy despite her “bloat.” Things only got worse for the two of them as they couldn’t stop seeing their fathers in one another. I was laughing out loud at Lily’s hilarious faces as she imagined with disgust her dad trying to give her a bath in Marshall’s place.

I loved seeing everyone’s parents pop in at the most unexpected moments and the scenes with Marshall’s dad and Lily’s dad were a hoot. After Kevin had spent so much time talking about his mommy issues, I totally cracked up when she popped up in Robin’s place to scold him.

For some reason Barney’s visions of his mom inter-cut with Nora creeped me out more than any of the others and when he explained how he got over his issue, I was kind of grossed out (even by Barney’s standards.) He tempered it a bit with his sweet explanation that his mother is the best woman he has ever known and while that may have helped him get his visions of his mother out of his head, it will take more than that to get them out of mine.

Although we know how Barney overcame his visions of seeing Nora as his mother, we never really find out how Lily and Marshall get over that bump in their relationship. I hope they’re not haunted by visions of their fathers for much longer.

Meanwhile, without a woman to maintain his interests and friends too busy to distract him, Ted has retreated completely into his own weird little world. When he’s in this coin-documentary-watching, Weird-Al-concert-going version of himself he often walks the line of being hilariously awkward and awkwardly annoying. I loved his calling around for a date to the Weird Al concert (yay! Ranjit!), but he needs to meet this future wife of his ASAP lest we lose him completely to the dork side.

Overall, a cute episode of How I Met Your Mother and although I’m not ready to welcome Kevin and Nora into the booth permanently, I’m excited to see how their stories will all continue to develop from here.