HART OF DIXIE “Faith & Infidelity” Review

Faith and Infidelity

HART OF DIXIE “Faith & Infidelity” Episode 5 – HART OF DIXIE continues to be one of the most adorable shows this fall season, am I right? This week Zoe has the medical practice all to herself as Brick is out on his annual fishing trip.

While this may seem like a very good thing for Miss Hart, it turns out to be sort of a disaster, mainly because Zoe won’t learn from past mistakes, and decides to jump to the worst conclusions about EVERYONE in Bluebell. However this time, she starts some drama between the town pastor and his wife. These are the two most beloved people in all of Bluebell, and when test results come back that the pastor has contracted as sexually transmitted disease; Zoe immediately believes that he is cheating on his wife.

She’s so positive that she actually gives his wife this information, which causes a riff between the pair, and turns the town upside down. You’d think Zoe would learn, right?

Along with that mess, Lemon is ticked off at George for “going behind her back” to the mayor and securing government funds to widen the road into town when George KNEW that Lemon was going after the funds to restore a historic bridge that was destroyed during hurricane Katrina. Needless to say, Lemon is NOT pleased with her fiancé, and also fears that George is beginning to miss city life.

They have it out, and once Lavon finds out about Lemon’s proposal and the fact that it caused her to lose her place in a prestigious Bluebell committee, he decides to “find” (read: give them himself) the funds for her bridge.

Lavon is also instrumental in Zoe discovering that she was wrong in her thinking that everyone cheats, everyone strays, everyone is bad, blah blah blah, Zoe Hart has baggage and we all know it… etc. Zoe actually comes around and almost seems to embrace Bluebell a bit more by the end of this fifth episode of Hart of Dixie.

She goes to church, attends the Sunday pancake breakfast, and even gets her hair done at the beauty parlor. While I ADORE Hart of Dixie, I would like to see Zoe think before she speaks with patients. She hasn’t been right yet with a diagnosis, and if she’s trying to gain half the practice, she needs to learn from her mistakes.

Wade continues to be delicious, and we learn more about his character this week as well. Turns out that he’s an amazing son, and it was a really heartwarming moment to see him literally sing his dad down off a ledge.

Hart of Dixie cannot get any better for me. What are your thoughts?

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