2 BROKE GIRLS “And The Disappearing Bed” Review

2 BROKE GIRLS “And The Disappearing Bed” Season 1 Episode 6 – 2 Broke Girls is an undeniable success, bringing in nearly 12 million viewers every week. This may be in large part thanks to its Two And A Half Men lead in, but a strong lead in does not always give you success. 2 Broke Girls is a good show with some problems which risk overshadowing the potential quality of the show. The racism has yet to be worked out on a tonal level. Like, it’s fine to have racist characters, sexist characters, hateful characters, but the show within which these characters dwell cannot share in the characters’ beliefs. This is also a reason why some shows can get sickeningly sappy – like towards the end of Cold Case’s run, when the closing minute featured a montage basically celebrating the goodness of the characters. No show should judge its characters in the same way that no show should indulge in its characters, and 2 Broke Girls, as almost every outlet writing about the show has noted, runs the risk of incurring the latter.

This episode featured some of the show’s lowest moments (the opening five minutes should have been cut and burned just on account of flopping so badly) but there were some surprisingly great moments. Kat Dennings was able to give her character even more depths, from her hilariously awkward inability to ask for the help of Peaches to her “intense intense” celery biting moment with Johnny. The character’s flaws are real and they’re authentic in a way most characterizations on television of people averse to seeking help are able to only tell and not show.

Caroline meanwhile continued her streak of showing that she’s smarter than she looks or sounds, that she has business savvy underneath all of her ditzy Murphy bed enthusiasm.

All in all, it wasn’t the best episode of 2 Broke Girls. At least it wasn’t hopping around from location to location like previous episodes have. But anything but top quality 2 Broke Girls is frustrating because it’s easy to see how good this show could be if it just got over itself.

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