THE GOOD WIFE “Marthas and Caitlines” Review

THE GOOD WIFE “Marthas and Caitlins” Season 3 Episode 5 – No one likes to see their protagonist get their ass handed to them on a platter, but when David Lee does it you can’t help but enjoy it. The reason he gave Alicia a smackdown was because she indirectly disobeyed his indirect instructions to hire her dippy niece over a more qualified, sensible (ugh) candidate. The endgame of this plot was Alicia finding out from Will that she was the “Caitlin”, hired over a much more qualified candidate. I sort of thought Alicia was well aware that she, as a newly separated mother of two with ten years out of practice would not be the most ideal candidate for a law firm, but whatever.

The case this week was easily among the best cases the show has done, getting all of the lawyers involved in the action and delivering twist after twist, in no small part thanks to Dylan Baker’s performance as Colin, the benign, insane murderer behind bars for manslaughter (though you know he’s a murdering maniac). Baker overdoes the performance completely, but he’s so charming and smug that I don’t really care.

The show seems to be really upping the cast, bringing in a True Blood alumni as Caitlin and, of course, Lisa Edelstein’s Celeste, whose role was far more appealing in this episode than it has been in the past (her threesome monologue was a particularly low moment). Here the writers give Edelstein dialogue worthy of her talent, and her conversation with Alicia at the bar (“I don’t like women…I don’t find women interesting”) was just brilliant. Hers is an unpredictable, smart character and I’m happy that the show is giving her stuff to do.

On the personal side, Grace’s storyline with her tutor was given an emotional climax and I won’t lie and say I didn’t get a little choked up when she told her mom that she has no friends. The only problem I had with that scene was the way the writers depict Alicia: it’s like a parent writing a parent. Alicia’s parenting skills have always portrayed her as supermom, but this episode went to an extreme as she promises to reconsider Grace’s tutor after listening to her daughter. People aren’t like that, and I don’t think a parent who saw that her daughter was doing some pretty weird stuff on the internet for the world to see would reconsider. Rather, she’d probably just bite the bullet and tell Grace to suck it up (in a nicer way, of course) but showing her as this understanding, empathetic parent just makes her a far less interesting character.

Aside from that, the episode itself was the best of the season and the show seems to be finally getting back into its groove.

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