HUNG “F. Me Mr. Drecker; Let’s Not Go To Jail” Review

Hung Kaitlin Doubleday

HUNG “F. Me Mr. Drecker; Let’s Not Go To Jail” Season 3 Episode 4 – So Ray got a taste of the party life again, a life he’s quickly realizing he’s too old for—though Logan Lewis (Kaitlin Doubleday and her featured breasts), Ray’s “I’m not ready to leave high school yet” ex-student, clearly is not.

“F. Me Mr. Drecker; Let’s Not Go To Jail,” written by Brett C. Leonard, directed by Dan Attias, kept the season rolling along smoothly and (for the most part) enjoyably, probably because it had a minimum amount of crazy Tanya (slightly-crazy Jane Adams). I’m still not completely sold on Doubleday as an actress, but hey. Boobs, right?

The bizarro quasi-work relationship between Jessica (Anne Heche) and Matt (Matt Walsh) took a turn toward the more-bizarre. Show tunes in bed? Was that The Man From La Macha? I’m curious whether Matt’s ex put up with that. It would be a dealbreaker for most, me included. (Not so much because I hate show tunes, but really—how do you perform while someone else is performing?)

Loved Charley’s rainbow sweater; the “magical Yoda negro” looks like he’s going to be staying a bit longer. Hopefully he can screw some wisdom into daffy Tanya. It’s my one hope for the show.

I enjoyed the flat-screen television screen shopping scene with Lenore (Rebecca Creskoff, still clothed), Jason (Stephen Amell), and Sandee (Analeigh Tipton) because it showed an interesting power dynamic developing, and I don’t think Jason is holding onto any of the power (if he even had any in the first place).

Lydia the cop (Ana Ortiz) was beginning to veer toward Lydia the hardcore dominatrix, but that all came to a screeching, siren-heralded halt once Tanya decided to send in a replacement John. I do sort of love that Lydia’s first inkling that Jason was not “Richard” was the fact that he didn’t “measure up” (so to speak). I mean, come on. The show is called “Hung.” Ray has to have some advantages, right?

“You had sex with a cop because she wore a dress.” “It had flowers on it!” Duh.

It the end Ray came to the realization that the twentysomething party life was indeed not for him—partly because he just couldn’t keep up with his insatiable ex-student, and partly because of the guilt he felt when Jessica stopped by unannounced. I still think they’re headed for a reconciliation of sorts, which is good, since I love Heche in this role.

The only complaint, really, is the continued near-absence of the kids. Damon (Charlie Saxton) and Darby (Sianoa Smit-McPhee) have been all but invisible thus far, in favor of stranger (and naked-er) guest stars. Though judging by the preview for next week’s episode of Hung, I’ll get my Drecker Twins fix.

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