CASTLE “Demons” Review

CASTLE (ABC) Demons Season 4 Episode 6

CASTLE “Demons” Season 4 Episode 6 – Ghosts, demons and killers – oh my!

Tonight only one of those things actually made an appearance in this episode and that would be, you guessed it, a demon. Nah, just kidding. Well not unless you count a guest appearance by Fred Lehne (aka as the Yellow Eyed Demon from Supernatural) who, coincidentally, was also tonight’s killer.

When a ghost hunter is found murdered under very suspicious and spooky circumstances, Beckett and the rest of the Scooby Gang set out to find the culprit. Beckett is her usual skeptical self of course, but luckily this time Castle finds a willing ghost fighting partner in Ryan, who seems just as excited about the possibility of catching a ghoulie as Castle is. No real surprise that every strange occurrence is eventually found to be firmly rooted in reality, but I also think that Castle had a point about the candle going out. Perhaps their victim did find a way to help them catch his own killer.

Meanwhile Ryan and Esposito decide to double date with their respective ladies. Everything is fine and dandy until Ryan’s fiancé Jenny has a little too much wine and, ooopsie, asks Lanie and Esposito when they are getting married. The result is that the couple decides to put their relationship on hold and this makes me sad. I mean if we’re not ever going to have Castle and Beckett together (and let’s face it, we all know we never will) can we at least have the boys doing well in their relationships? For now I’m just hoping that Ryan and Jenny survive.

My favorite bits..

Ghost…..Ghost Facers! Oops wrong show.

Aw, now who doesn’t love some good father-daughter zombie time?

Castle’s argument to Alexis about not dropping everything for Ash falling a little short when he dropped everything for Beckett.

“Maybe Mr. Sinclair finally met a wraith he couldn’t wrangle.”

Beckett giving Castle that look when he kept spouting off all of his Ghost Wrangler knowledge.

The boys planning a double date with their girls. Aw, so cute.

“Bingo? Don’t talk about bingo?”

Castle coming up with “Apparition American” as the PC term for ghost. Ha!

“They’re heeeere!” – Castle delivering that line in front of the snowy screen was perfect.

Castle doing research on a haunted house? Finding evidence of multiple killings? Finding out that it was apparently a demon that did it? …um, when did I accidentally turn on an episode of Supernatural? *checks DVR settings*

Ryan volunteering to go with Castle like an eager little boy.

“Maybe Shaggy will keep Scooby out of trouble.” – Haha! So I take it that makes Ryan Shaggy and Castle Scooby? Yep, that sounds about right.

Cracking up at the way Castle was sitting on Mercy’s couch.

OMG it’s the Yellow Eyed Demon!! Ahhh!…..oops, again, wrong show. My bad.

Castle trying to suggest that Beckett was afraid to go in the haunted house…just so he could get her to say “I ain’t afraid of no ghost.” LOL! Awesome.

A psycho killer possessed by a demon? Yeah, those guys can be mean suckers.

Castle making spooky faces by the light of his phone.

Wondering what exactly it was that Castle grabbed instead of Beckett’s legs. Teehee.. *dirty thoughts*

Oh no she didn’t! Oh Jenny, don’t you know you don’t ask a couple when they’re going to get married?

“Deep breaths Castle, it’s just a rat.”

Castle’s entire reaction to the skeleton falling on him. That was the loudest (and girliest) scream I think I’ve ever heard. LOL.

Oh noes! Lanie and Esposito are breaking up??

Aha! I knew it! You just can’t trust the Yellow Eyed Demon..erm I meant Detective Smith.

“Any more helpful hints you’d like to pass on to our killer?”

“So busted.”
“Ghost busted.”

Alexis telling her dad that his little speech about relationships didn’t help her, but his hug did. Aww!

What did you think of this episode of Castle? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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  • you missed the little guest appearance by Josh Hopkins from Cougar town!!

    • Anonymous

      Well I never saw that show and I don’t know who that is so I guess that’s probably why I missed it. LOL! My bad. ;o)

  • What planet do you live on? Rick and Kate WILL GET TOGETHER. And SOON. If not, Andrew Marlowe is going to face the army of angry and hungry sharks… 

    • Anonymous

      Hey at this point I’d like it as much as any Castle fan, but I just don’t see it happening. In fact I thought I read somewhere that these guys have made it pretty clear that it will never happen. 

      I think you’re right about the angry fans though. I’m sure people can only hold out for so long before all the teasing gets on their nerves. 

  • ptjackson

    Ditto to your entire review, as usual. Just reading your review made me chuckle (not too loudly, shh, I’m at work) as I recalled the funny stuff from last night….. I think my favorite has to be his reaction to the skeleton falling on him – but you know, that would be me in that situation….. LOL….
    So, a Supernatural-Castle crossover, what do you think? 😎

    • Anonymous

      Ooooooh! A Supernatural-Castle crossover? Now that would be all kinds of awesome. 

      As for the girlie scream at the skeleton, I already know that would be my reaction……judging by how loudly (and often) I scream when I am in a maze at one of those scare parks. I’ve already gone a couple times this season and the first time I literally screamed myself hoarse. Too much fun. 

      • ptjackson

        ROTFLOL…. Of course, I would be passed out cold before that happened if a big rat was on my shoulder or in close proximity on the shoulder of my friend…. Beckett is one touch lady, and that’s why I love her…..

    • VoxArcana

      hmmm, I don’t know. I think Nathan Fillion and Jensen Ackles on the same show could actually be too much cool for school… :^)

      • ptjackson

        LOL… yeah, my head might explode….. 😎 But, it might be worth it, I’m just sayin……

  • I loved that Ryan was so ready to believe; it reminded me of the alien episode. It’s adorable and it’s nice that Castle has someone who occasionally believes him. The joke about Castle wondering if Ash and Alexis’s relationship is unhealthy was funny but sadly true; he absolutely will drop anything to run to Beckett. I’d like to see her call him some time and have him say “No, I’m busy.”

    Anyway, great episode–funny and interesting and kind of scary (but then, I’m scared of everything).

    • Anonymous

      “It’s adorable and it’s nice that Castle has someone who occasionally believes him.”
      I agree completely. I like that Castle and Ryan have this little bond, not just because they both are believers but also because of what happened to them both because of the 3XK Killer. In my head I’ve decided that that was a bonding experience for them, even if no one ever mentions it. LOL.