5 TV Teams I Would Like To Join

5 tv teams I would like to join

Last week I wrote about the ingredients that make a perfect TV team. This week, as a follow on, I want to define the TV teams I would join in a heartbeat. This was a bit of a challenge, since while pondering this article I discovered that even teams I love to watch are not necessarily teams I would want to be a part of, if they really existed. All of the teams below have the necessary ingredients as mentioned last week and are, to me, perfect teams.

Stargate SG-1

Ok, I admit it, since I was a girl, I have always wanted to be an astronaut. Maybe it was all the science fiction I read, or the fact I grew up in Florida, a few hours’ drive from the Space Coast. The thought of exploring alien worlds is just plain exciting. Now, granted, this team, at least in the early years which is where my focus lies, didn’t really fly through space. But they did something better – have breakfast at home, then lunch on an alien planet! How cool is that? And, of course, I have to admit the fantasy of meeting an alien, and falling in love and going off into space with him is the stuff romance novels are made of.


I must admit that justice is important to me. And, I don’t necessarily mean the kind you get in a court room, where in fact it appears you might not get justice as often as you would hope. Karma, which is what my friend calls it, is supposed to apply to those that either escape traditional justice, or don’t actually break any laws, other than the Golden Rule. I’m not suggesting we all become vigilantes, but in the world of the Serenity’s crew, where there are an awful lot of gray areas, they provide a kind of justice that is very satisfying to watch. Captain Reynolds may be a smuggler and operate outside the boundaries of the established government, but he has a soft heart beneath that gruff exterior, and watches out for his crew and other helpless and innocent people along the way. He has his own code of conduct; one that I am comfortable with.


CASTLE Season 4 Cast

Who could resist being on a team with Rick Castle? His witty remarks always make me laugh. The way the team brainstorms ideas, and makes the connections necessary to solve the crime of the week, works very well with how I approach problems that need to be solved. With no humbleness at all, I think I could be an asset to the team. Maybe I could get a bullet proof vest that says “Geek.” Now that is living!

Warehouse 13

Pete, Myka, Claudia and Artie - Warehouse 13

I’ll admit it, I’m a Pete groupie. I think he is hysterical, off the wall, and just plain loony sometimes. And, the type of work the team does is so very unique, and strange, and thus very, very cool, that I would like to have a chance to do it with them. When you add in the weird stuff that happens when artifacts get inadvertently set off, well, what’s not to love? Solving the mystery of the artifact of the week is a great puzzle. Doing it with people that are fun to be around – priceless!

Hawaii Five-0

Kono, Chin, Steve and Danno - Hawaii Five-0

I had been feeling kind of bad in the beginning of the second season of this show, because the sense of team that was there the first season seemed to me to be missing. And, I really, really missed it! So imagine my relief, when in the fifth episode of season 2, the team was finally back! Yes – woohoo! When McGarrett punched Captain Fryer from internal affairs and told him to not mess with his team, a cheer erupted from my lips. You can’t buy that kind of loyalty, and who would not want McGarrett standing up for them?

As a final thought, instead of repeating myself for each team mentioned, I would like to add that another element that applies to all of them that makes me want to join: snark.

For those unfamiliar with the term, snark is a combination of snide and remark, and is usually offered in the form of a sarcastic comment. While some definitions will tell you snark is used with malice, in the cases of these teams, who have a strong internal bond, it is used more to register a disagreement or unhappiness with something that is going on. It is also used by the writers to make a humorous point, in what I consider to be banter between good friends and family.

So, there you have it, the 5 TV teams I would like to join. There were teams included in my favorite teams to watch that did not make this list for various reasons, one of which is the squick factor. Anyway, what TV teams would you like to be a part of and why? Please leave your ideas in the comments section below!