THE AMAZING RACE “I Feel Like I’m In The Circus” Review


THE AMAZING RACE “I Feel Like I’m in the Circus” Season 19 Episode 5 – We got another solid installment of The Amazing Race this week, as “I Feel Like I’m in the Circus” saw most of the teams staying in Thailand for entirety of the leg. Andy and Tommy ran another strong race, but they did unfortunately break their first place streak.

Speaking of Andy and Tommy, we learned this week that they have a strong faith in God, with Bible verses etched on their backpack straps. I’m not sure what it is about CBS, but they’ve always seemed so much more willing to show people of faith than other networks. Aside from airing so many shows that focused on God and spirituality, like Touched by an Angel and Joan of Arcadia, they seem so willing to show faithful contestants on their shows. Last season on Survivor, they were always showing Matt openly praying and talking about his relationship with God. This season’s Survivor shows Brandon Hantz frequently talking about being Christian. We get a lot more mention of religion this week with not only Andy and Tommy mentioning it, but Jennifer as well. I’m not saying it’s good or bad, but it’s interesting for sure.

I have a genuine question about Amazing Race rules, so if anybody reading this knows the answer, please let me know. Are you allowed to intentionally break a rule if you are OK with serving the penalty? I ask this because Lawrence and Zac took a 4:30 bus, but on their way they learned it was first class and they weren’t allowed to take it, so they ended up taking an 8:00 bus. Couldn’t they have just stayed on the 4:30 bus, and just serve the half hour penalty? They would still come in three hours ahead, right? Even if they were given a three hour penalty, which is the longest penalty ever given on the race, they would still be a half hour ahead! That’s got to be something the teams think about. It turns out the whole thing point is moot, as first class buses are not against the rules, but it’s still an odd wrinkle to the game that hasn’t been explored yet.

Despite an enthusiastic and commendable attempt for a comeback, Liz and Marie were eliminated. They ran a great leg, overcame problems with money, got through a speed bump, and just came up a bit short in the end. With only seven teams left, we’re about half way through the season and I’m enjoying it. This show is always consistent, and they know how to keep you guessing until the very end and have been doing so for 19 seasons. Speaking of which, with this being the 19th season, what do you think the Amazing

Random Thoughts:

– Seeing Liz and Marie with the elephants was so endearing. It’s not very frequent that you see people just freak out because they’re so excited to be on the race. I don’t think I’ve ever seen two people so excited to shovel crap in my life.

– Either Thai drivers charge too much, or the Amazing Race producers did not give these teams enough money this leg, but they could barely afford their bus tickets!

– Who just takes a clue and walks away with it and starts teaching? That was one of the strangest interactions I’ve ever seen on the race.