DEXTER “A Horse of a Different Color” Season 6 Episode 4

DEXTER A Horse of a Different Color (3)

DEXTER “A Horse of a Different Color” Season 6 Episode 4 airs on Sunday October 23 at 9:00 PM ET/PT on Showtime.

Episode Synopsis: Much to his own surprise, an emergency with Harrison and a new tableau from Gellar and Travis has Dexter leaning on Brother Sam and an unexpected winged messenger for support as he questions the idea of faith; with proof of a religiously motivated killer, Homicide hunts for a zealot, with Debra giving her first official press conference.

Dexter Season 6 Synopsis: The explosively popular DEXTER® is back with a vengeance for a sixth season of startling suspense and unexpected twists. It’s been a year since last season’s shocking and heartbreaking conclusion, and mild mannered criminologist-cum-grisly serial killer Dexter Morgan has come to terms with who he is. But his existence is shattered when he crosses paths with an enemy unlike any he’s faced before. A delusional religious zealot with unflinching convictions, this new adversary soon draws Dexter into a dangerous game that could well end in disaster.

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