DEXTER “A Horse of a Different Color” Review

DEXTER A Horse of a Different Color (1)

DEXTER “A Horse of a Different Color” Season 6 Episode 4 – Dexter returned this week with “A Horse of a Different Color”, and the title seemed very appropriate, as this was definitely an episode of a different color as compared to the first three installments. The first three episodes were good, but really lacked a feeling of focus that would set the season in motion. This week’s installment looked to change that, and I think it did a great job.

We got our first look at how Deb’s replacement, Mike Anderson, is going to work in the scheme of the rest of the Miami Metro team. It’s tough as a long time Dexter fan to not have comparisons to Doakes come to you immediately, and no, not just because he’s black, you racist. Just once, I’d like to see a tall, strong, bald black man walk into a police department on a TV show and NOT be the tough guy. Wouldn’t that blow your mind if Anderson comes in and he’s a total softie? He starts quoting Voltaire and Shakespeare and greets everybody with an enthusiastic handshake and a cheesy grin. But no, he’s got something to prove so he acts like a huge jerk to everybody. He comes off very much like a slightly smarter Doakes. I guess now that Quinn has been reduced to a whiny little baby, the tough guy quota at Miami Metro needs to be fulfilled.

Now moving on to changes that I actually did like, I’m glad that Dexter is taking a bigger role at Metro. This was one of the first times we’ve seen him acting as a coroner, and he was very vocal during the debriefing as well. I wish we got a little bit of explanation of his larger role at the police department, but it’s nice to see Dex out of the blood lab for once. Besides, there’s not enough room for him in there anymore with Ryan and Masuka’s drama.

I was a big fan seeing Ryan steal the hand from the Ice Truck Killer case, as I was so excited that we were getting references to past Dexter seasons. I mean, the ITK was season one! On a show that so frequently ignores or glosses over old characters and story lines, I loved having a reference from five whole years ago! This week, not only did the ITK hand come up again, but we got Ryan referencing The Trinity Killer and Bay Harbor Butcher! These, of course, are from seasons four and two respectively, and it was great to have them brought up again. I was excited to see some progression on Vince and Ryan’s relationship, but I was a bit disappointed that it looks like her thieving ways have come to an end when Vince found out that she was trying to sell the hand online. I hope we get to learn more about why she’s stealing evidence, and that there’s more to it than the money.

We got some more cool scenes between Colin Hanks’ Travis and Edward James Olmos, as we finally learn that Edward James Olmos’ character is actually real! Lots of people have been saying since episode one that Olmos was a figment of Travis’ imagination, a la Tyler Durden from Fight Club. We found out that his character was at least real at one time, as he is a profess or religious studies that disappeared three years ago. I’m getting more and more intrigued at their relationship with each episode, and the way that they dealt with the waitress here really intrigued me. I’m excited to get more on this, as Edward James Olmos and several other cast members have ensured us that this is the darkest season yet. The killing in the greenhouse definitely makes it feel like this is true.

Well, this show is called Dexter, so I guess I should talk about Dex’s story line this week. Harrison got a bad case of appendicitis, which brought Dexter, Deb, Harrison’s nanny Jamie and Brother Sam to the hospital to make sure he’s OK. This all seemed like an excuse to have Brother Sam’s back story told to Dexter, as we hear a truly horrifying story between him and his father. This definitely leads us to believe that there might be a darkness in Sam as Dexter expected, but it seems to be very well hidden. This exchange led to Dexter having his very first prayer, as he tried to get coffee out of a vending machine, only for the cup to get stuck. It was a bit corny that the cup only came out and filled itself with coffee once Dexter had prayed for Harrison’s life, but it was nice to see Dexter admit to at least the possibility of there being a higher power out there.

All of the hype of this season seems to be leading us to a spiritual awakening of sorts for Dexter. Now, I know he won’t go 180 degrees and become a door to door preacher, but seeing him open up to ideas and values outside of his very strict moral code is very refreshing for this show. I hope to see more development for Dexter here as it looks like he’s hot on the heels of the other hyper-spiritual member of the cast, Travis. We’ll see what happens next week!

Random Thoughts:

– How did Deb get to the hospital before Dex when Harrison’s appendix burst? They were talking at Miami Metro and then he ran out of the front door to go to hospital, and then when the doctor pulls back the curtain Deb was right there! How did she do that?

– Are we setting up a romance between Jamie and Dexter? Because I am NOT ok with that!

– That cop in the greenhouse was so stupid. Hasn’t she ever seen the movies where somebody is tied up and begging you not to come closer? Come on, now.