A GIFTED MAN “In Case of Loss of Control” Review

A Gifted Man

A GIFTED MAN “In Case of Loss of Control” Season 1 Episode 5 – When a little boy is brought into the clinic with vomiting and diarrhea after eating too much candy, Zeke thinks he just needs some fluids to get him back to health. But when his conditions deteriorates, Michael suggests food poisoning. The boy is infected with a bad strain of E. coli – and it’s not long before he’s left with no other option than to have a kidney transplant.

But unbeknownst to Michael, the boy’s mother is an illegal immigrant who has since been taken in to custody for deportation. When he does find out, Michael is upset. But with Anna’s urging, he decides to risk his medical license and treat the boy anyway, convincing a government official that the best way to do it is to get a donor kidney from the boys’ mother and do the surgery before they are deported. The surgery is successful.

With his sporting performance fading, Michael consults Ed ‘E-Mo’ Morris, a neuropsychiatrist. Even though E-Mo’s theory that Michael’s slipping because he’s afraid of something doesn’t go down well, Michael is still impressed enough to offer him a job, and E-Mo becomes involved in Michael’s hospital case – a teenage girl suffering from TIAs for unknown reasons. E-Mo only has to look at her to know that she’s secretly taking – and reacting badly to – contraceptives.

But while the case initially has a happy ending, it almost terminates in disaster when the girl’s lovelorn ex-boyfriend takes issue with her dating someone else and shoots her outside Clinica Sanando. Backroom surgery by Michael and Kate saves her life – and it serves as yet another moment of connection between them. Michael heads back to the clinic later that night to ask Kate out for dinner – but there he learns that she’s married.

This was a really good episode. At first it seemed similar to last week’s, with a substitution of videogames for cell phones, but by the end of the episode the cases differed wildly. It served as a good, calm introductory case for new character E-Mo, who, despite the ridiculous nickname, is supposed to be a great doctor. It’ll be interesting to see whether he gets suckered into working down at the clinic too. I’m still hoping that we’ll see Rita down there playing nurse some day.

The situation with Michael and Kate is interesting. Their sudden softness with each other and the hints of connection were sweet, but it seemed too early in the series to potentially pair them up. The reveal of Kate’s husband shakes things up a bit, and I’m curious to see whether Michael’s interest in the clinic holds out in the face of this; he does have his promised 10 hours per week to fulfill, after all. I have to admit though, as much as I like Kate, I really like when Michael and Zeke work together. Kate seems like the type of person who could work at Holt Neuro, Zeke doesn’t. It’s a much more fun dynamic.

We saw more of Anton this week, a character who fits into the A Gifted Man world surprisingly well. Although his interests and techniques are like chalk to cheese when compared with Michael’s, he’s level headed and amiable enough to work well with everyone around him. Christina, on the other hand, isn’t quite so lucky. Aside from her input last week, telling a patient about Anton’s services, Christina seems like a very superfluous character, not to mention her son being almost nonexistant. I’d quite like to see Christina start helping out down at the clinic. She needs a proper role in the show. Making dinner for Michael every other episode just doesn’t cut it.

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